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List of Top Active Bloggers in Chennai (2019)

In this post, I have published a big list of bloggers based in Chennai who are reasonably active at present in the blogging arena. Before you go through the list, I suggest you read below paragraphs to understand why I compiled this list.

  1. I regularly get requests from brands/agencies to refer more bloggers from Chennai. Depending on what they are looking for, I either introduce them to relevant bloggers or give names/blog urls of other bloggers so that agencies can review and connect with them directly. This takes some time and effort- If I have a list, easy for me to share the link.
  2. I see many requests in certain facebook groups asking for bloggers from Chennai. Many of us enthusiastically reply but in most cases we never hear back. This could be because of multiple reasons-May be the agency is just compiling a list to pitch to a brand or to build a database, without any real deal/immediate opportunity at hand. May be they go through our blogs and conclude we are not worth responding to or may be their priorities change. If there's a good list, those looking for a blogger can do their initial screening and contact a blogger only if he/she is shortlisted or when there's a real need, saving time and effort for both parties.
  3. Few months ago a Chennai based company asked me to provide a list of key bloggers in the city- I made the list and shared with them but for reasons best known to them, they didn't revert after that. They did some events in other big cities but not in Chennai. As I already had put some effort to make a list, I felt it is good idea to refine it and publish it for use by other brands/agencies looking for Chennai based bloggers.
  4. Compared to other big metro cities, not much blogger meets/brand events involving bloggers happen in Chennai. Most Chennai based bloggers do not appear in any top blogger lists. So I believe a list like below might help get some extra visibility to Chennai based bloggers.
  5. Note that below is just a list, NOT a rank. I don't have the time, resources to analyse all these blogs on various parameters and give them a rank. Even if I did, in case my blog comes in top 3 then it will appear as conflict of interest or self promotion. Hence I am not giving any rank, only listing the bloggers in alphabetical order. Depending on your need you do the checks and shortlist.
So without wasting any further time, here we go, a list of top Chennai bloggers, in alphabetical order of blogger's name.

Category was my classification as to what I thought the blog best fits under. Most blogs cater to multiple categories hence very difficult to assign one or two. Open to updates. Why image and not text? Because I would prefer whoever planning to make use of this to put some effort, visit the blogs by typing the URL or googling the name and then process further, instead of copying entire list and presenting to their boss as two days of hard work :)  Let me know what you think.
Haven't included the following types of bloggers. If you see a fit, pls check their blogs and connect with them.

1. Bloggers who have strong Chennai connection but not currently based in Chennai- Lakshmi Sharath, Chittra Kumar, Sindu JP, Meghna Rao etc. They are fully capable of doing any Chennai based campaigns if needed. I would have loved to included them in the list but then by that logic there will be no boundary and may have to include too many people-hence have confined the list to those who are based in Chennai city, with one exception of Bhushavali, who is out of country for a fixed duration and is expected to be back.
2. Very high profile bloggers- such as Kiruba Shankar, Sorav Jain, Praveen Shekar, Shravan Raja etc- They have their own companies and have other higher priorities than working with PR agencies for small time blogging assignments. I am guessing they are very unlikely to undertake activities like restaurant visit or paid post or FAM trip that a regular blogger might be interested in. This list by no means intends to disregard them.
3. Blogs that doesn't have a proper About Me page - If I can't see the name of the blogger and some information to ascertain their Chennai connection, I've not included such blogs.
4. Pure Tamil blogs: I can't read Tamil so couldn't review blogs written entirely in Tamil. If my trusted friends can recommend few such blogs, I don't mind updating the list with few of them.
5. Blogs that aren't active/don't appear serious - No regular updates (not even 1 per month) or very few/ small/ personal posts only or too new- less than 6 months etc (Photographer Vinod VV, Sindhu Gupta, Muskan Dutta etc fell under this else would have added him). For few others I couldn't find any reference to their blog or blogposts in their public profiles, couldn't include them
6. Corporate blogs.

I don't claim this to be the sole list of Chennai bloggers. There're others- Indiblogger has hundreds of bloggers listed with Chennai tag. Chennai Bloggers Club Facebook group has over 300 members. Few other companies have published some lists. But the problem is most of this list is filled with bloggers who haven't updated their blog since months. It doesn't help brands to contact someone who is not serious about blogging. I hope to periodically refine this list-add bloggers who are active, remove those who are not.

Disclaimer: While I have put some effort to review over 100+ Chennai based bloggers, please understand that this list is compiled manually in my personal capacity. I don't claim it to be comprehensive. I have largely focused on bloggers whom I have met, interacted with or whose blogs I have read once a while. If any good bloggers are left out it is purely accidental. I am open to the idea of updating this list once a while based on feedback/new discoveries. If your blog is listed here and needs some update do let me know. If you're using this list for any commercial activities, please do your own due diligence.

December 22, 2018 Update: Added about 10 new blogs, removed about 5 (blogs were not opening)- noticed about 10 blogs not being updated in past few months, will probably remove them in next update


  1. There’s a lot of effort and research that has gone into this post and kudos to you for that! Bookmarking this post to share with brands/agencies. You’ve made our work easier. :)

    Thank you for mentioning my blog.

  2. Great to read. Very informative post.
    Thank you :)

  3. Bookmarking this for reference... Really great work. Much needed post.. Kudos to your efforts and research.

    Please add my blog too in Lifestyle but of course I am new to Chennai :D

  4. Awesome! Great great effort. Hats off!!! Thanks so much for including me Shri! :)

  5. तीन ब्लागर तो मुझे भी इस सूची से नये मिले जो यात्रा विषय पर लिख रहे है।

  6. Great work Shrinidhi! May I know how did you come up with the list? What are the resources you used and how long it took to compile the list?

    1. Took about 2-3 weeks in calendar duration as I spent only spent effort in parts (evenings, weekends)- I am guessing 2-3 full day effort.

      At the high level Process involved the following-
      compile list of all Chennai bloggers I know of, check if they are active (at least 1 post per month, updated recently, clear about me/contact page)
      Checked known blogger communities, facebook groups, google etc to check whom else I can add- should be from Chennai, should have an active blog. Other details already included in the post.

  7. That's a great deal of work, time and effort put... Wonderful job indeed :)

  8. Hi Shrinidhi,

    That is a big list and well segregated. I have been looking for travel bloggers from all over India and I can see few names listed here. Great help.


  9. Ya, really a great list for local outreach.
    Am raja new blogger from chennai,
    My blog is
    I hope , my blog get a place in this list in few years.


  10. I was looking for vlogs in tamilnadu, this blog popped up on Quora, though am not a blogger and have no idea how it works. It was informative. Thanks.

  11. Hey my name is missing.. Rajesh K, :)

  12. This is fabulous, thanks for sharing. What I would look for (as a digital marketer) is also following size for each.

    1. Follower count keeps changing. I've given the list, you can do rest of the filtering

  13. you can add :) Thank you so much.

  14. Visit:


  15. Hi, Its really a big List.
    Thanks for it.
    They all deserve for this honor.
    Am Rajarajan, New blogger from Chennai!
    I like to write on cinema, tech and Games.
    I know, am not great blogger compare to them, But am trying my best to reach that honor.

  16. I think I should be part of the list, 'strong chennai connection' but not in chennai! Ah I miss the beaches and the Idly!

  17. great work!! Very informative article.


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