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Chennai Rail Museum-Worthy visit!

For long, I didn't even know that Chennai had a rail museum. It is located in other part of town, not very close to any popular sites and doesn't appear in any list of must do/must visit things in Chennai, so not many people are aware of this museum. I came to know about this only few months ago and managed a visit during one of the weekends in December.

This post shares photos, details and visitor information about Chennai Rail Museum, so that you can plan your visit.

First thing I noticed is the gate-designed like a rail coach- very creative!

What to expect at Chennai Rail Museum?
Art and creative works:
Museum showcases various creative stuff related to railways, made by artists. Also paintings made by children of ICF (Indian Coach Factory) staff is displayed.

Art gallery
Art Gallery has a separate ticket (Rs 20) and displays various paint work and models related to trains.
Lots of interesting historical information about Indian railways, major incidents, miniature models of important trains/coaches, engines etc are on the exhibits inside, spread over 2 floors. Did you know that Indian Railway exported coaches to various countries including Vietnam? I had a train journey in Vietnam last year- feels good to know that some of those coaches are made in India

Engine Block of a diesel engine

Did you know that there were double-decker compartments way back in 1953?

Coach of Chennai Express!

What I have shown is just a sample. If the topic interests you, do visit and experience in detail

External Exhibits
Several old engines, systems are shown in an open area
Below is a track with additional gear in the centre- can you guess where this kind of system is applicable? Yes, on mountain tracks, to prevent gravity from pulling the train down
 Old steam engine- This Fowler Steam ploughing engine, made in England in 1985

 Old crane
Old locomotive

A miniature train world, with a toy engine that moves around the track.
Watch a video of the toy train set in action [Or watch on Youtube]

 Engine models and real coaches on display- Few of them are open- you can go inside and take a look
Toy Train ride: There's a toy train that operates at fixed timings- one ride is included in the ticket fare. It goes around the yard 2 rounds, total ride lasts about 10 minutes

Watch a video of toy train ride below [Or watch on Youtube]

A cup of tea is also included in the ticket price. A canteen is available where bare minimum items are sold. Couldn't spot any good restaurants nearby.

Overall it was a worthy visit. We'd also visited Train museum in Mysuru while returning from Evolve Back Kabini last year. Yet to write about that.

Visitor information:
Timing: 10 AM till 9 PM (You can visit earlier, say by 9.30 and start exploring exhibits in the open area)
Address: New Avadi Road, ICF Furnishing division, Lakshmipuram (near Villivakam) Chennai 38 [Google Maps link]
Ticket Fare: Rs 40 for adults, includes a cup of tea and toy train ride
Time to spend: 2 hours approx, depending on interest.
Lots of restrooms available, free and in good condition.

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  1. "Had been to the Rail Museum for the second time"....Thank to Sri Sreenidhi.!!!

  2. Very nice. I will do this next time, I am around Perambur. I did not know we had double decker trains back then, and the bombay-madras trains look so nice with all windows open and no modern pleasures like air-conditioning :-)

  3. लगभग इसी तरह का मिलता जुलता रेल संग्रहालय हमने जनकपुरी में भी देखा था चेन्नई में अबकी बार यात्रा का मौका लगा इसे भी देखना है बहुत शानदार जगह से आपने अवगत कराया

    1. जनकपुरी की जगह चाणक्य पुरी नई दिल्ली पढ़ा जाए

    2. Thanks for the information on जनकपुरी Will try to visit

  4. Wow !!!! so beautiful models and nicely decorated, good to know it,thanks for sharing.

  5. I think i visited this as a kid. Need to visit again I guess. Lovely article

  6. Great to read about the Museum.Awesome pics.

  7. I didnt knwo about it..looks so beautiful..must visit.

  8. Had never heard of this before! It reminded me of the heritage transport museum we visited in Haryana! So much to see in our own cities! :) lovely

  9. Such an exceptional museum which I will have to explore one day, Shrinidhi! Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Was not aware too - thanks for the detailed post

  11. Very thinks look pretty good, but real don't know who made the miniature model. It is the bullshit, how that guy join in the railway or may have never seen before.


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