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Beihei Park on Qionghua Island, Beijing, China

Beihei Park is a small island near Forbidden city in the heart of China’s capital Beijing. It is China's oldest and best preserved imperial park- was exclusive to Royal Family earlier, only later opened to public. It is surrounded by lake on all sides hence gives it an island like feel.
After visiting Jingshan park, I walked towards this Beihei park. I entered from the northern bridge and climbed up to the top using the steps behind the entrance. Entry fee was 5 CNY (INR 50). Upon reaching the top, I could see a white Pagoda- this one was visible from a distance and attracts people towards the park. However I was asked to buy another ticket for  5 CNY to get up close- I didn’t feel the need to go any closer, so came down.
Beihei park is fairly photogenic with lots of trees, buildings, bridges and other exciting frames

A small shop was selling corn, coffee and such snacks. Bought a corn stub for 5 CNY and a cup of coffee for another 5 CNY. The coffee purchase was an interesting conversation. I asked the lady if she had hot tea- she said No. Then she offered if I want to buy a can of cold coffee for 10 CNY- I declined, as I wanted something warm. Eventually she pulled out a Nescafe ready mix coffee and offered to prepare it for me. I said Ok and my coffee was ready shortly. The corn was all semi-transparent white colour, instead of yellow that we see in India. It wasn’t tasting as it was in India- probably it was cooked in a different style.

Saw a man who was writing something on the ground-appeared as if he was protesting against something

Walked on the outer periphery of the park and arrived at another temple, which again had entry fee of 5 CNY. I decided to walk back and return to Tiananmen square for the flag down ceremony.


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