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Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

Temple of Heaven is one last place I visited in China on my last day. Pollution level was hazardous on that day so I started my day very late. Temple of Heavens opens at about 8 AM, but I reached only by about 11 AM. December was off season, so I could buy off season ticket.

At the entrance you have two options- buy entry ticket only for 10 RMB- this will give you partial access. To go to main temple you will need additional ticket for 20 RMB. Alternatively you can buy combi ticket at 28 RMB at the entrance itself.

The 28 RMB ticket gives access to 4 sections- the main entrance, temple of heaven, circle and one more.

The ticket will have 4 portions that will be punched by staff at gate or by the entry machine, so you won't be able to re-enter a portion after you exit- thus make sure you explore the area fully before exit.

I entered the first major part- the temple of heaven building. Visitors can't go inside. Have to see from a small door. However there are two buildings on the side, inside which lots of history, scaled down model of the temple of heaven and additional details can be read.

Temple of heaven is a 15th century structure and has its share of historical events- check Wikipedia for details

Besides the temple building, there're lots of greenery and park area around.
There're 4 gates to enter Temple of Heaven and it is accessible by metro and bus.

Right opposite the metro station is a mall (across the road) with an Indian restaurant in the basement-served a decent thali for 50 CNY (tip off by Karthik). 


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