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For the sake of Love by Anamika Mishra

'For the Sake of Love' is the second book of Anamika Mishra I am reading. Previous one was Voice Mates.

For the Sake of Love is a 171 pager romance thriller centred around Shimla and spanning across few generations. Two girls working for a magazine arrive in Shimla on work assignment and get involved in solving an old love story- how intense was it, will they succeed- read the book.
Book began with a series of letters, that seemed like one way love without any response from the other side. Then the plot shifts to Bengaluru, into the office of a publication, that sends two of its staff on a work assignment to Shimla. There the story links back to the letters and the plot continues in unison. I have not been to Shimla yet, so couldn't visualize the spots perfectly, but I got decent idea of the town.

Plot is well weaved, not leaving any lose ends, keeping it interesting and unpredictable, maintaining a right mix of current day romance and that of yesteryear.  Only thing is I got a feeling that the two lead characters totally forgot their original work assignment and got involved in romantic adventure instead. But then I understand they are creative people looking for some creative story, which is good enough justification for whatever they were doing.

I think the core message of the book is, don't involve 3rd parties in matters related to love. Sort it out directly with your crush/love interest than asking a mutual friend or 3rd person to help-who may have their own unstated agenda.

It took me couple of weeks to start reading the book once I got it, but once started I was done within 2 days. Couldn't read lots of books this year, happy this is one nice book I managed to read in 2018.

Title: For the sake of love
ISBN13: 9789386850461
Autor: Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Westland
Pages: 171, Paperback
MRP: 199
Genre: Romance

You can connect with the author on her website or on various social channels

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