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Best of 2018 from my blog

As 2018 comes to an end, here's a quick summary of most popular, most commented posts from my blog this year, along with few personal favorites. If you're not a regular reader, you might want to check these posts. There were a total of 175 posts this year and the total number of posts over 13 years has crossed 2500. Number of posts is little less this year compared to 2017 (230 posts) but I've spent some time on the other blog this year (

Most popular posts of 2018

1. Hexa XE (base version review)
Everyone reviews top most variant of cars- why not the cheapest variants? Rented Hexa's base variant, drove it around a bit and reviewed it in comparison with top end variant.

2. Chennai's top active bloggers
A list of 70+ active bloggers in Chennai. Created in Feb, updated in Dec- serves as quick reference if you're looking to engage with bloggers based in Chennai

3. Swiggy Cheats
Some discrepancy I found in pricing and how consumers are tricked to spend more- this post got lots of attention and support by others who agreed with my observation

4. ZAP Subscribe explained
Zoomcar has started a car subscription model, which has reportedly got about 40000 subscribers since launch. This post shares my analysis of the scheme, along with some inputs/clarifications from Zoomcar added later.

5. Countries to visit for the price of LKG fee
School fees are going through the roof. Some popular schools charge 2-3 lakhs per year just for LKG. With that kind of money, one can travel the world. Made a list of countries one can visit under 2 lakhs as a couple.

6. Travel Spice business model explained
Travel spice promises hotel rooms at super low prices through a bidding process- is it really cheap- read my analysis. Got a response from its founder, need to update it a bit.

7. Post office address proof
If you didn't know, post office issues an address proof document, which can come handy if you don't have any.

8. Kerala trip post floods
A post explaining if Kerala is safe to visit, a month after the devastating floods.

9. 2019 long weekend calendar
Start planning, if you''ve not yet, already.

10. Trends that should worry blogger
Changes in reader behavior that should worry all bloggers. Do read if you're one.

Most commented posts of 2018
1. Expecting brands to pay blogger
Why bloggers are not being paid well? My thoughts on climbing up the value chain and dynamics of brand-blogger relationship.

2. Perils of too much travel
Drawbacks of too much travel.

3. Idea to save passport pages
Shared a simple idea that could save lots of passport pages and thus less work for passport office, less paper and lots of such benefits. Unfortunately no response from Sushma madam or MEA.

4. 12 years of blogging
Into 13th year now, this post got lots of congratulation comments.

5. Travel more with simple lifestyle changes
Basic changes that can save you a lot and can fund your travel.

6. Chennai rail museum
Doesn't get listed as top attraction but really worth a visit

Personal picks this year
1. Should I buy a drone
Drone is next item on everyone's wishlist, after done with DSLR, action cameras, latest mobiles etc. But the cost, practicality and legal aspects are a big concern for drone purchase and use. Do read the post for a detailed analysis on Drone purchase and usage in India.

2. Idea for Dubai tourism

3. Flyboarding experience
A new adventure I tried this year- Flyboarding in Dubai

4. Fake instagram influencers
Made an attempt to explain the world of fake instagram influencers.

5. Buy fresh breathing air
A NZ company has started selling fresh breathing air in tin cans.

6. Watasale Kochi
Walk in, pick up items of your choice and walk out- no billing counters, no need to pay in cash- a fully automated store in Kochi.

7. Meeting Hassan Al kontar

8. Ather energy review
Detailed review of Ather Energy electric scooters.

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