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Cross Border Kitchens CSR initiatives during Covid-19

Given the current situation due to Covid-19 pandemic, almost every industry, every individual is affected. While some are more severely affected than others, it is heartening to see how corporate are coming forward to help the needy, in any way they can. While efforts by major brands are covered in main stream media (like Taj hotels providing stay and food to doctors, Mahindras making ventilators), efforts by smaller companies are no less significant. In this post introducing work being done by a food and beverage company.

Cross Border Kitchens (CBK) is a multi-brand, multi-kitchen, multi-format internet-driven food and beverage company. Launched in early 2019, CBK is 3 kitchens strong in Delhi-NCR and operates seven (07) incredible food delivery brands across multiple cuisines. Brands under CBK portfolio are divided into four cuisine segments: Indian, Specialty, Pan-Asian and Western.

CBK Community Kitchen is a humble initiative by co-founders, Mohammad Ahsan Ali Qureshi and Ishita Sudha Yashvi to ensure that no jobless migrant worker sleeps hungry. Through the CBK Community Kitchen initiative, CBK is mobilizing support of its customers and patrons to come forward and contribute to the cause through different ways (details shared below).

While on food delivery runs CBK riders carry special meals for ANYONE who might be in need. CBK is also conducting lunch & dinner  time deliveries in the localities where they’ve identified people in need. But we want to do more.  In order to strive to contribute more for people in dire need of food, you can also help them.

How you can help CBK?

1.     Be their supply chain: Make a donation for any kind of food grains, lentils or rice. No quantity is small. Reach out to them on with the following subject “Material Donation”
2.     Be their eyes and ears: If you spot/know anyone in need of help that is in need of a meal in the South Delhi area, please inform CBK on with the following subject “For Help” or message them on WhatsApp on 9871221684
3.     Be a benefactor: If you are unable to make an In-Kind donation but can make a cash donation instead, it can be made in the following ways:
§  Through Paytm
§  Account Transfer
§  Credit/ Debit Card 

4.     Be a messenger: Help spread the word within your network to reach out to more people and muster support for this mission with #DoYourBit and tag @crossborderkitchens  

Best wishes to CBK in their mission.


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