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My life during Covid-19 Lockdown

Idea of this post is to share some of my personal experiences and notes during the Covid-19 lockdown. I am sure all of us have some stories to tell, sharing mine here. Nothing extraordinary, nothing bad. Do share yours in comments.
Watching for symptoms
I had returned from a short trip to Muscat. My travel was between Feb 27 and March 03. At that time the risk was negligible but few days after I came back Chennai reported its first case (March 7th, from a person who came back from Muscat on the same aircraft I had traveled to Muscat)

A week after I had returned I had made a few local visits like to restaurants etc. Once the seriousness of the situation dawned upon, I stayed at home. When nationwide lockdown was announced on March 23rd it was 3 weeks since my return from Muscat. No symptoms yet, so one main concern was sorted.

Preparing for lock-down:
This wasn't difficult. I could procure enough rice and other essentials to manage for a week or two. Even after lockdown, since essential services were allowed, getting vegetables and groceries from nearby shops wasn't a big challenge. There was a slight price increase like 10-20% which is understandable. Overall didn't face any crisis w.r.t surviving.

Containment Zone
I am living in Chennai, one of the worst affected districts in Country. TN is in top 5. Towards the end of Lockdown 1.0, a locality adjacent to ours was declared containment zone and sealed off. This reduced our options on access to shops but could access some shops in other direction. A few doorstep service vehicles for vegetables did arrive.

How I spent my time:
  1. My book sales came to an halt as delivery of non essential online orders were suspended. 
  2. Mixer Grinder at home stopped working. A local repairman came home and fixed it. I should have tried fixing it myself- he removed circuit breaker and provided direct connection.
  3. Water filter was serviced just before lockdown (only sediment filter was changed)- It has started showing some signs of trouble but I think it will survive for sometime.
  4. My parents are alone at native place. Last visited them in January, wanted to visit again in April/May. Now not sure when can I travel safely again.
  5. Did miss drinking tender coconut regularly- managed to have it only twice over a month's time. Will look forward to compensate for it once lockdown ends. Need to wait till fresh supply arrives from Pollachi.
Am I scared?
I will take life as it comes. Yes, there is a little scare of a probably infection. I am taking whatever precautions I can. There will be a bit of risk in future because of this. Have to see how world changes in the post Corona times.

Future Plans
  • I didn't have any travel plan for April-May-June 2020 period, so didn't suffer any loss or inconvenience.
  • Had some plans for travel in later part of 2020, now need to see what happens to it. Most probably postpone.
  • Was scheduled to take part in few events like a travel mart in Trivandrum, had applied for Google Connect Live in October etc. My guess is most of these will be postponed.
How are you coping with lockdown? I am sure we will come out strong on the other side of this crisis.

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