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How to be atmanirbhar? Here're 10 ways.

Here're 10 ways you can reduce dependency on external factors and try to be atma nirbhar, which is the new mantra of life in India after PM Modi's speech.

1. Grow some vegetables in your terrace/balcony
Several vegetables can be grown in pots. Learn to grow a few of them and you'll have satisfaction of growing your own food. With some vegetables costing 50-100 Rs per kg, even if you can grow 2-3 vegetables and harvest say 1 kg per week, that is significant savings each month.

Tomato (20-60 Rs per kg), beans (`100 Rs per kg), Chili (100 Rs per kg) and several other herbs, lettuce and such plants can be grown in confined areas. If you have some open space you can even try growing bigger trees liks banana, drumstick etc. Atma nirbhar is being able to say no to a vendor when you feel the price is too much.

2. Get Solar
Reduce dependency on external electricity. Solar energy can be harnessed to power lamps, heat water, charge phones etc. Atma nirbhar is seeing our electricity bill drop and being able to keep the lights on even when there's a power cut.

3. Get Electric Vehicle.
Almost 75% of what you pay for fuel is tax. To fill one litre petrol at INR 75, you've to earn about 100 Rs. In that 75 Rs you paid, almost 50 Rs+ is tax. You get only about 22-23 Rs worth petrol.

Invest in an electric vehicle. It costs much more upfront but if your usage is significant, should pay back within an year or two by means of saved fuel expenses. Atma nirbhar is the satisfaction that you're not paying 100 Rs to get 20 rs worth post tax petrol.

4. Avoid liabilities
We are conditioned to think that buying a house on home loan is an asset. It isn't. We are conditioned to believe that having a children, spending crores on his/her growth and education for about 20 years and giving another tax payer to government by spending all our post tax income is a great pleasure- if you don't believe in it don't feel compelled or pressurized. Understand well what is an asset, what is a liability. Spend your time, energy and money wisely. Pay yourself first.

5. Personal health
Eat healthy home made food, exercise, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Most economies count on people eating junk food, spoiling their health, spending more on medicines and hospitals. If you can eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle, money saved will be significant. Get a cycle, start running, begin simple. It is never too late to be Atma nirbhar.

6. Learn life skills
Many of us don't know how to ride a cycle or bike. We don't know swimming, we don't know how to fix simple stuffs. Learn these skills- never too late. If you can change a light bulb, fix some simple stuffs at home without having to call a technician, if you can cycle to market without having to spend on transportation it boosts your confidence. Money saved is money earned.

7. Save for future
We spend lots of money trying to impress others- bigger cars, bigger homes, better cloths and so on.
None of that helps if you lose your income or face financial troubles. Always save for future even if it means living a simpler life at present. Atma nirbhar is being able to sustain for a while even if you face any major crisis like job loss

8. Support each other
Know others in your community. Shop from a local kirana store- its owner will remember you if you are regular customer.

9. Develop better awareness.
Do not believe all ads and marketing stuff. Spend some energy to understand what happens behind the scene
- Do you know about food miles (where your food was grown and how far it has traveled before reaching your home?
- Do you know how much margins some brands keep on their products?
- Do you know how ethically/unethically some animal based foods are made?
- Do you know what could be the manufacturing cost of a 100 Rs item you purchased?

Being aware will help you make more informed choices. Atma nirbhar is being able to make informed choices and conscious decisions

10. Being Responsible
There's only so much a government can do. After a limit, it is every man for himself. Ensure that your actions are responsible ones and do not harm the community and nation. Being Atma Nirbhar means being individually responsible so that collectively we grow as a nation.

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