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Safest Food Joints for Students Living in a PG in Pune

Maybe it’s a case of an overdose of an exciting thing (eating too much of the yummy street food or ordering the thousands of options on Swiggy or Zomato or even the fun cafes where you down your favorite overloaded fries every Saturday). Or maybe the nostalgia of a familiar taste making you feel that nothing can compete with home-cooked food. Either way, when you move to a new city, finding food that suits your palate and choices becomes a top need. Pune doesn’t disappoint the discerning if you make the right choices. You no longer have to adjust to accommodation providers that don’t care about meal quality or quantity. Neither do you need to be stuck with a fixed, unpalatable menu? Pick a branded new-age PG in Hinjewadi, Kothrud, Balewadi, Baner, Aundh, and more to tackle this situation head-on. Did you know that when you sign up for a managed accommodation like Stanza Living, you get chef-cooked yummy meals that are high on the health quotient? These are hygienically prepared. You can pre-book diverse options. You have all meals covered.  And they design a menu that is a balance of regional as well as more universal dishes. Considering we are in the midst of a pandemic any precaution is too less and we would recommend that you stick to the hygienic meals offered by your managed accommodation.

But if after all that care you still want to try an occasional local variety, here are some of the food joints that are popular in the city:

Tiranga non-veg

While talking about the best food joints in Pune, it's absolutely impossible that Tiranga Non-Veg doesn’t make it to the list. The Biryanis served here are incredibly fresh and flavourful. This little spot in Kothrud Khau Galli Pune is a foodie’s heaven and particularly packed on the weekends. A family-owned business, it has only seen its popularity rise over the generations.

Om Jaishankar

Pani puri is an Indian delicacy cherished by everybody in this nation. However, if you haven’t tried the local Pune variant at this joint, you are really missing out.  Om Jaishankar is also very popular for its mouth-watering Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, and different assortments of Chaat. Present on one of the busiest streets of Pune in the Camp area, this is one place that all true blue street food lovers should hit up for some hygienically made snacks.


If you thought that was the only street food joint on this list, then you are mistaken. Giving stiff competition to Om Jaishankar is Chaitanya's. This spot is generally acclaimed for its finger-licking Aloo Parathas with Dahi, chutney, and a serving of mixed greens. The Aloo Parathas here are famous amongst the Punjabis in the city and they regularly come here to appreciate this delicious dish. That’s how you know it must be one of the most authentic preparations. This 10-year-old joint is close to Fergusson College and usually teems with hungry students waiting to try the many paranthas on the menu.

These are some of the best and safest food joints that you can visit if you live in PG accommodation in Pune. Considering the pandemic situation, we would advise you to refrain from stepping out but if the craving is too much, you can check out food delivery options from these places.

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