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Million+ web search impressions per month!

While I was inactive last month, my blog was working hard. During September 2020, registered 1.08 million search impressions on Google. I felt it is a good news worth sharing with my readers.

What is web impressions? Web impression is number of time a website appears in search results. Doesn't matter which page (like page 01 or page 10 etc). My blog has close to 3000 posts written over 14 years and many of them get good visibility in search engines.

Impression is NOT traffic. Impression shows count how many times a website's pages were shown in search results. Users don't click on all the search results. They usually click on a few results seen in first few pages. So though my blog appeared a million times in search results, just about 28k people actually clicked on the links and visited the site. So that is about 3% conversion.

Is a million impression a great thing? I am not sure but I think so. Google started sharing these numbers only about an year ago. Search impression is one of the dozen metrics that can be used to evaluate a site. (Such as Domain authority, page rank, page views, visitors, bounce rate etc). Unlike domain authority, search impression data is not available in public domain. It is sent privately to website owners. So I can't say if 1 million is a great number or average. Many bloggers haven't shared their web impression info. Not sure why- may be because it is low or they don't think it is significant to share or some other reasons. I am sure several top bloggers would have better number than mine. But based on various comments I got on instagram I feel 1 million is a good number for a blogger. 

August number was just short of a million.

Also Google search result shows numbers from Google search only. There are other search engines like bing and many bloggers get their traffic from social media, email or direct entry- those numbers are not reflected here.

If you have a website/blog do share your web impression number (if you are comfortable) in comments. I hope people who visited the blog find the post useful.

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