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India's senior most/long term travel bloggers

There're several top blogger lists. Anyone is free to publish their own list but a fair list should declare the criteria and process used to identify top bloggers- but most top blogger lists do not disclose the basis for their inclusion/exclusion.

Few months ago I made an attempt to provide a data driven approach, by listing top bloggers by traffic. While GA is most trusted source of traffic, it is not public. Hence I used similarweb, which was free, publicly accessible. While the list won appreciation, there were concerns that similar web data is not accurate. But no one could provide a more reliable alternative so we had to live with it. My rationale was even if not accurate it is proportionate for everyone.

In this post, I am taking another data driven approach- I am listing various travel bloggers of India, who have been blogging for 10+ years. I had some challenges here as well- originally blogger templates had an easy way to display archives- we could see older posts by years- available on a few blogs even now. But as people moved to more modern themes and templates, concept of archives was gone. There was no way to know which is the oldest post in a blog.
Having followed several bloggers personally, I knew at least 10+ travel bloggers who are active for more than a decade. However to get complete list, I had to take help- Made multiple posting in FB & Twitter asking people to list their oldest blog posts if they have been blogging for more than 10 years. Many responded and I updated my list after verifying these responses. Waited for about a day for responses to pour in.

It is still possible I might have missed a few senior bloggers. Omission if any is not intentional. I can update the list- please comment below with Blogger's name and link to an old post (should be 10 years or older and blog's main content should be around travel). If you ask me why 10 years why not 9, I don't have an answer- 10 is often a psychological milestone- like top 10, so I believe it is a fair benchmark. You are free to make another list of your own using any other criteria that appeals to you.

So with that background explained, let us see the list of India's senior most/long term travel bloggers who have been blogging for more than 10 years. Have rounded off to nearest 6 months- please don't mind if the count is off by a few months + or -
Senior most bloggers of India

New Additions-bit lazy to reshuffle entire list due to some formatting rework needed- hence adding separately. Will integrate with above table sometime later.
Blogger Name
Ramasubramanian K
Divsi Gupta
Malini & Rajesh
Aravind G
Umesh Derebail

Other than these I made an attempt to check several other blogs to see if I can locate an old post- but without access to archives I couldn't cross check and hence couldn't include them in the list. If such blog owners provide details of a 10 year old post then I can update above list. Many more are completing 10 years sometime in 2020- will probably include them after 6-9 months.

Please note that there are some variations with some bloggers- many started as generic blog and eventually focused on travel, few had blogger/wordpress sites earlier and moved to own domain later. Few have been inactive in between or have shifted focus elsewhere. I have tried to be fair and accommodative- use your discretion.

Special Mentions: Ansoo Gupta of One Shoe travels doesn't have a formal blog but is active in travel industry for more than a decade. Karthik Kannan of Katchu travels was running a generic blog since 2008 but started a travel focused blog only from 2014. Nivedith Gajapathy says he has been blogging since 2008 somewhere else but started current blog in 2012. Ragini Puri says she has been blogging since 2009 but lost some of the old posts when she shifted to own domain, Pawan Soni claims is old blog was hacked and data lost. These are FYI. Many said they were contributing guest posts elsewhere before starting their own blog- haven't included them.

In the era of Instagram account holders who have created a perception that posting a photo is blogging, it takes some dedication to maintain a travel blog non stop over the years. Many of the bloggers above started blogging as a hobby, without any commercial motives and continue to blog even today purely based on their experiences, not depending on sponsored trips. years of experience is definitely one of the criteria to consider if you are looking to engage with bloggers.

In this list I have been fortunate to have met most of the bloggers, except Vijay Kumar Sharma,  Akanksha Dureja, Rahul Prabhakar, Sandeep U and few others. Hope to be able meet them in near future.

This is purely a data driven list. Age of the blog is the main criteria. Should be 10+ years old and main theme/majority content should be related to travel. Use your own judgment for quality of content, traffic and other parameters. Some of the bloggers in the list are very active, very successful while a few others aren't updating as regularly. I am not making any subjective discrimination like quality of contents. Please do your own assessment. Also there are many bloggers whose blog may not be 10 years age but providing very good content- idea of this post is not to undermine them- they can probably be featured in some other criteria in future. Yes, I have included myself because I qualify under the defined criteria. Apologies if it feels unfair.

Of course this list is made in my personal capacity, using the criteria defined above and based on information available with me. I am not claiming this is comprehensive, I am not claiming this is the sole reference. Please do your due diligence and use your discretion. I wanted to give some scientific base/data based approach for making top blogger lists. Feel free to create similar lists using other data/selection criteria that may appeal to you.

Following bloggers get featured in both above list of oldest blogs as well as blogs with maximum traffic that I had complied earlier:
  1. Anuradha Goyal
  2. Lakshmi Sharath
  3. Sankara Subramanian
  4. Shrinidhi Hande
  5. Manjulika Pramod
  6. Prasad N P
  7. Aarti Shah
  8. Anamika Mishra
1800 views and counting. Thanks for your support. Any comments welcome.


  1. Arun Bhat -
    Dhiraj & Amrutha - (started in Mar 2010)

  2. Wow That was quite an effort from your side. Thanks a lot!

  3. I think my blog was started in September 2007 & upto 2016 on Google platform & shifted to WordPress under the same name, since Google disabled my travel videos citing silly reasons

  4. That is a lot of research! Glad to be a part of this.

  5. Replies
    1. I wish to explain the background and process so that there is clarity.

  6. Thanks a lot I never realised my nikku pikku, chinna pilla, bunty or bubbly wala hobby blog will be part of such an esteemed list.... This is a desi Khush Hua moment.... 🙏 :) 🙏.... Sabhee senior bloggers ko mera Pranam....🙏🙏

  7. Your consistent data driven approach is really admirable. A lot of names here that we came across initially when we stepped into the blogging world. And most of these names make me feel good to be a part of the travel blogging fraternity. Waiting to see what data points you focus on next.

    1. Thanks. Haven't thought about next data point yet. Do share ideas. You can also try creating one.

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  9. Such a post as this should be a travel lover's delight. Very useful compilation for travel enthusiasts.

  10. Good to know the names and their starting years.

  11. Tarun Goel.
    Travelling since 2010. And cover the untouched passes of Himachal and nearby states(Himalaya).

  12. I aspire to be in the list! Glad I came across this.

  13. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful informative information on the blog.


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