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2019 Travel Summary: 3.2x around the world

2019 has been a great year in terms of travel as I got to visit several destinations for the first time. This post shares my 2019 travel Summary.

2019 Flight summary
Flightradar 24 says 2.8x around earth from my flight distance. Google maps says 3.2 times around the world, which is a more accurate total as it includes non-flight travel. Tripadvisor says I have covered 25% of the world so far.
  • New Countries visited in 2019: 10 (Brunei, Nepal, Bahamas, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Canada, Bangladesh, UK, Ireland)
  • Repeat Visits: USA, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia (4)
  • Continents: 4 (Asia, Europe, North America, South America)
Monthly breakup

01 January- Brunei
A trip to Bhubaneswar didn't materialize as AirAsia cancelled Chennai-BBI flight.

Had a short trip to Brunei-just spent a day there. Ticket for this trip was booked way back in 2017.
Posts: Brunei Public transportation * Brunei water village * Visiting Brunei- travel guide * 10 unique things about Brunei *

02 Feb: Mumbai 
Visited Mumbai for Times Travel Show where I gave a talk on budget travel. Feedback

03 March- Nepal
Nepal visit after long time- visited Kathmandu and Pokhara
Posts: Nepal on budget * Kathmandu budget hotels * Kathmandu in a day-10 places to visit * Places to visit between Pokhara and Kathmandu * Pokhara in a day- Places to visit * Katmandu-Pokhara: Bus vs flight vs taxi *

04 April- USA, South & Central America
Long US trip- most traveled month- started in Washington, visited Miami, Bahamas, Bogota, Panama City, Costa Rica, Austin, Las Vegas, SFO, San Diego and LA. Yet to write in detail about may of the places visited during this trip.

Few of the published posts:
Bahamas: Miami-Nassau Flight vs Cruise * Bahama first impressions- 10 things to note * Exploring Nassau using public transport *

Colombia: Safe to visit Colombia now? * Bogota Street arts * Mount Monserrate * Salt Cathedral

Panama: Amador Causeway Panama Visiting Panama Canal 

Costa Rica: San Jose in a day

Austin: Speedboat driving experience * Jacob's well

SFO: Golden Gate Bridge *

Las Vegas: What I did in Vegas in a day

San Diego: Anza Borrego National Park * USS Midway *

05 May- Canada and Malaysia
Vancouver Canada, Washington DC and back to India
Bowen Islands, Canada * Grouse Grind hiking *

Short trip to Malaysia by the month end visiting Port Dickson, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Genting

06 June - Kolkata, Sundarbans, Imphal (Manipur), Myanmar border town
Posts: Visiting Moreh * Manipur public transportEco Heritage villa near Manipur airport * Note Doctors *

07 July- Kolkata, Bangladesh, Odisha
Bangladesh Posts:
1. Bangladesh Tourist visa for Indians *
2. Public transportation in Dhaka
3. Accident Memorial
4. Four hygienic and reasonably priced restaurants in Dhaka

Odisha posts- was my first visit to this state finally:
1. Puri Jagannath Jatra- Planning your visit
2. Konark Sun Temple
3. Temples of Bhubaneswar Old town
4. Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar

Kolkata Posts:
1. Budget hotel scams
2. Budget hotels to stay close to Kolkata international airport
3. Belur Math

08 August- Andaman and native place
July& August was tough to plan- most of South India was facing flood like situation, Kashmir was cut off, several parts of North India also had various issues like floods. My passport was help up for UK visa for 2-3 weeks so couldn't plan this month very well. Spent 2 weeks in native place and had a short trip to Andaman

Posts: UK Tourist Visa for Indians * Budget Hotels near Port Blair Airport * Chidiya Tapu beach

09 September- UK and Ireland
Some 23 days trip within an all inclusive budget of 1.15 lakhs
London & Wales

10 October- Back from UK, Goa
Visited Goa for Goa International Tourism Mart
Posts: Travel Bloggers I met in Goa * Keynots from GITM 2019 * Deltin Casino experience *

11 November: Indonesia
Book launch, Indonesia trip with Malindo Air and Indonesia tourism (Bali, Lombok and Gili)

12 December:Karnataka
Visit to Bengaluru twice and to my home town.

Published two books
For the first time I have published two books this year- World Travel in Low Budget- in Kannada and English. Hence most of October, November, December was spent in working/promoting these books. Have to focus on next book, e-book version of current books etc hence early 2020 also might be spent on books primarily. Read more about my books here & purchase

Print contributions: Contributed to DT Next, Millionaire Asia. Got few mentions in Indian Express and other print and online media related to my books.

Domestic Travel within India suffered a bit this year due to multiple factors, despite me having some free time.
  1. Jet Airways collapse led to increased flight prices
  2. Lots of Rains and Floods during mid 2019 in several parts of India made travel unsafe
  3. Kashmir was on lock down for several months
  4. Delhi was a gas chamber for several months
  5. End of Year CAA/NRC Protests have gripped the nation, making it unsafe to visit several parts, including cancellation of many events 
  6. Had planned a few trips with friends that didn't materialize
New Airlines flown this year: Flybe, Southwest, Spirit, WestJet, Air Canada, Lion Air

Roadtrips: Nothing major this year. Didn't rent self drive car even once. Tried renting a bike in Andaman but failed. Short day trips in US and UK with friends, Kathmandu to Pokhara in rented Scorpio, few short trips with friends/relatives- that is all

Events & Talks: Times Travel show in Mumbai, gave 3+ talks in Chennai about budget travel, GITM in Goa, lots of press conferences & media events throughout the year.

I am sure there are many other bloggers who would have traveled a lot more- may be they are not keeping track of all the movements or making it public. I have a lot to learn from them.

2020 Outlook: No plans yet, tracking a few destinations like Africa, South Korea and few more countries I wanted to visit- having seen super cheap tickets in the past, not feeling any compulsion to book at prevailing rates. Will wait for right opportunity, right ticket price and will plan further.

How was your 2019? All the best for 2020

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  1. Whooa so much distance and inspirational..keep travelling and sharing shrunidhi

  2. This is great. Wish you more travels in 2020 :)

  3. Awesome, Shrinidhi!
    Glad that you visited Odisha this year. Do plan for another trip. There is so much that you are yet to see.

    3.2 times around the world in 2019!
    May you better your score in 2020! All the best!

  4. Wow! That's amazing!
    Best wishes for the coming year ahead!


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