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Dhaka Accident memorial-Toyota Hiace

Spotted this white minivan in its mangled form near Dhaka University. It was a white Toyota Hiace, badly out of shape from the impact of accident.
There were 5 sets of hands arms on the inside and outside- probably to signify five people killed in the accident.
Though I didn't know the story behind this structure, later learnt that two popular Bangladeshi Filkmakers-Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munier were killed in this minivan on 13th August 2011 along with 3 other people- cameramen, driver etc- when the Hiace collided head on with a bus coming from opposite direction on a highway near Dhaka
 Seats are removed and placed separately
 See the full impact of collision.
 Some vehicle parts are kept nearby
Apparently the court case on the accident dragged for 7 years and in 2018, the court ruled that bus owners should pay victims a sum of 4.62 crore Bangladeshi Takas  - that is 3.7 crore rupees INR or USD half a million. This unusually large amount was arrived at considering future income potential of the two film makers killed.

However, most other road accident victims get a pittance in compensation, that too after an unreasonably long period, making the small compensation more of an insult than serving any real purpose. Situation is somewhat similar in India and most developing countries as well.

Toyota Hiace Super GL is a relatively good vehicle deemed safer than other locally made vehicles. But then this was back in 2011, we don't know how well it was maintained and at what speed the accident- the head on collision-happened. Collision with a much heavier, stronger bus proved fatal to the occupants.

The monument was set up in Dhaka University campus to remember the victims and to create awareness on road safety. Not sure how much of the purpose it has served, as Bangladesh continues to register high rates of road accidents.

I didn't see any display with information about the accident around the vehicle.


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