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Best of Jan-June 2019

Here're the most viewed, most commented posts published on my blog between Jan to Jun 2019. Chosen from the 105 different posts published during this period. If you're not a regular reader you may not want t miss these.

Most Viewed blog posts on eNidhi India travel blog during Jan-June 2019

1) How Xiaomi milks its customers through forced ads,apps and bloatware
Read this before buying a Xiaomi branded smartphones. Else you may regret your purchase

2) America Trip Expense- 34 days in 2.35 lakhs
Did a 6 country, 34 day trip in extreme budget-read to know more.

3) When hostel Siesta in Costa Rica refused entry
When hostel refused me entry despite confirmed booking, citing they don't want Indians.

4) Dream Trip to USA- 34 days
My longest trip till date- 34 days, 6 countries.

5) Redmi Note 7 pro
Detailed review of Redmi Note 7 pro smartphone.

6) New Cruise option from Mumbai and Chennai

7) Tips to avoid bad experience with Zoomcar

Most Commented  on eNidhi India travel blog during Jan-June 2019
1) Don't tell the Governor Book Review
Ravi Subramanian's latest book- what's good and what's not.

2) Brunei in a day

3) Cherry Blossom in Washington 
Washington DC Cherry Blossom pics

4) Delhi Aksharadham temple visit
Delhi's popular temple, finally visited.

Personal Picks  on eNidhi India travel blog during Jan-June 2019

1) Thank you Indiblogger

2) Does it make sense to buy Diesel car in 2019?
No. But read the post for detailed analysis and to understand why.

3) 10 Reasons for declining car sales
Car sales have dropped significantly compared to last year. Why?

4) Homeless people of LA
Los Angeles has many homeless people living on the streets.

5) USS Midway

6) Speedboat driving experience 
My first time driving a speedboat

7) Why not a universal transport card?

8) Forex Conversion options
Which is better? ATM Withdrawal or Forex Card or getting hard cash from Forex Agent?

9) Visiting Brunei complete guide

10) Reasons why my road trips have reduced

11) How Kolkata's budget hotels scam the system for 3x more money
Read to prevent yourself from being cheated.

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