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Eco Heritage Villa near Imphal Airport Manipur

This post is my review of Eco Heritage Villa, a small homestay near Imphal, Manipur.

Eco Heritage Villa –nice stay in Imphal

As I was scouting for a place to stay in Imphal, Eco Heritage villa came to my attention on  Eco Heritage villa was reasonably close to airport (4kms) though away from Imphal City and reasonably priced (INR 1500 a night). Based on my 3 day stay here, this post shares my findings.

Reaching Eco Heritage Villa from Imphal Airport
When I walked out of airport, I didn't want to spend on Airport Taxi. I had no idea how to reach Eco Heritage Villa using public transport. Map showed a distance of 4 kms, a bit too much to walk with a bag at 11 AM in the morning. But I saw a share auto going in the direction and simply hoped on. Following the map, got down at the Maitram junction, about 1 km from the Eco Heritage Villa. Paid Rs 10 and walked the last km to reach the property. Of course you can hail a taxi at airport-will probably cost you around 300-400 Rs for the same distance.

From Imphal city or airport, board share auto having “Imphal-Nambol” written on them (mind the direction)

Good things about Eco Heritage Villa, Imphal

1. Calm, serene and nice place inside a village. No noise, no crowd
Lots of fields and greenery around, good for a walk and living comfortably in the middle of nature.

2. Only 2 rooms as of now, so limited crowd in the property
More being added though.

3. Friendly host and his family- very helpful.

4. Spacious rooms with all basic facilities.

Host will serve you food,  as per your preferences and what’s available with them. But the meal costs Rs 250, which is on the higher side, but then there're not much alternate options. You can go to Imphal town for having cheaper lunch/dinner at Lukshmi kitchen or any other restaurant in town. Lots of items are expensive in Imphal due to higher transportation cost.

There’s no restaurants anywhere in 3-4 kms radius of Eco Heritage Villa. Bring your own food, or buy from the host or go to town. Some petty shops selling biscuits, chips, juice packs and water are available within 1km for emergency needs.

Rainwater harvesting and other eco-friendly measures are in place at Eco Heritage Villa, Manipur.

Things to improve

#1 Rooms don’t have AC or ceiling fan.  One table fan was provided.  Manipur was not as hot as Kolkata or Chennai so I didn’t feel the need for an AC or more powerful fan. But yes, some customers would prefer that particularly in peak summer.

#2 Main door latch takes some effort to close, before you could lock using the padlock provided. Hopefully this will be fixed soon

#3 Bathroom is nice, clean but could be a bit squeeze for those who are tall/fat or well built.

Other options

I did walk around a fair bit in Imphal town. I didn’t spot a lot of accommodation options- below shown one was the only decent hotel I could locate. Of course there will be more hotels, just that I didn’t go looking for them and didn’t spot them on the main roads I walked by.
 I saw many hostels in Imphal town- not sure if they take overnight guests.

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  1. Beautiful , Nice review on Eco Heritage Villa.

  2. Great article.I'm from New Delhi and I'm planning a trip to Imphal.can you suggest me some cheap and best hotel in Imphal?.


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