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Reasons to list your property on is a globally trusted website that exclusively focuses on providing accommodation service to travelers. It is my primary source of hotel/hostel booking when I travel. If you are a property owner looking to rent rooms to travelers, listing your property on gets you lots of visibility and good number of customers from around the world. If you are wondering why to list on, here're several reasons why. lets you handle the payment.
Most booking sites take money directly from customers, retain their commission and pay you after a gap of 30-40 days. on the other hand, gives "Pay at property" option- allowing you to collect cash directly from the customers and then pay's commission later.

2. Customers love "Free cancellation"
No one likes paying unnecessarily for hotels when their plans change. One of the main reason is very popular is because of its free cancellation options. As a property owner you can control till what time you'd like to offer free cancellation- some properties allow free cancellation even the day before, while most allow free cancellation up to 3-4 days till check-in date. This simple assurance will get you a lot more bookings- yes a few would cancel last minute and won't show up but overall you'll get more bookings compared to a stricter policy of high cancellation charges.

3. is a global platform- while many hotel booking sites in India are focused on Indian consumers, is a global platform and can get you customers from across the world

4. Trusted Review Mechanism 's review and rating, done by customers who stayed at the property (while some other platforms like tripadvisor allow everyone to review even if they have not stayed) is highly respected and trusted by consumers. Give good service, get good reviews and you will continue to get lots of new customers.

5. Better customer support 's customer support is overall better than many of its rivals. Couple of times when hostels denied entry quickly provided alternate options or helped me with refund of excess amount. This was a lot professional compared to some hotel booking chains which make customers wait endlessly on the phone or leave them to their fate when things fail.

6. No headache to maintain your own website, promote it etc
List your property on and it will save you lots of trouble of having to maintain a website of your own, trying to market your property on your own etc. You can focus your energy on giving better service, adding more rooms etc.

7. High Flexibility
Property owners get their own App to manage the bookings, room availability and so on. So at all times you will have control on pricing, how many rooms to list on the platform, if you don't want to accept a customer etc.

8. Reasonable commission: takes about 20% commission on the rental for their services and bringing in customer. (indicative number- could vary a bit depending on multiple factors) But gets you lot more customers than what you would have managed on your own and takes lots of operational headache out of your way. Many other hotel booking aggregators are known to charge as high as 35-40% commission and a long period of one or two months before your money is transferred to you.

Get started here to list your property on All the best to your business.

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