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USA Travel with ESTA-Quick guide to get it right.

United States of America welcomes visitors from around the world for holiday or visiting friends and other purposes. For many of us visiting the United States once a while is a necessity due to business ties, family connections or other similar reasons. However, while getting a visa to visit the states is a time consuming, complicated process for citizens of most of the developing countries around the world, it is a lot easier if you qualify for ESTA.
What is ESTA?
ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Citizens of about 38 countries around the world are eligible to visit USA under ESTA. If you are passport holder of any of the following countries, then visiting the United States is a lot simpler for you under ESTA program.

List of nationalities eligible under ESTA Visa Waiver program for USA Travel
Rest of the world
1.         Andorra
2.         Austria
3.         Belgium
4.         Czech Republic
5.         Denmark
6.         Estonia
7.         Finland
8.         France
9.         Germany
10.     Greece
11.     Hungary
12.     Iceland
13.     Ireland
14.     Italy
15.     Latvia
16.     Liechtenstein
17.     Lithuania
18.     Luxembourg
19.     Netherlands
20.     Norway
21.     Monaco
22.     Portugal
23.     Republic of Malta
24.     San Marino
25.     Slovakia
26.     Slovenia
27.     Spain
28.     Sweden
29.     Switzerland
30.     United Kingdom
South America
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Brunei
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea

Above: List of ESTA Eligible Countries for USA Travel-source

As you see, most of European Nationals are eligible to visit USA under the ESTA visa waiver program. However it is important to understand that ESTA is NOT visa on arrival. You can't just grab your passport and board a plane to New York or Washington or Los Angeles or Miami. It is important to have your ESTA Application processed online before your planned travel and get it right the first time, from a reliable service provider. Without an authorized ESTA you may denied boarding or liable to be turned around.

Things to know while traveling to the United States under ESTA
1. Travelers heading to the United States will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days per visit. Thus it helps to have your return ticket handy, though not mandatory while you arrive at US Airport
2. ESTA is valid only for business and pleasure, not for study or work. Eligible travelers arriving in USA with ESTA are not authorized to undertake work or enroll for study courses. Separate visa will be required to undertake work or study. If found violating these guidelines such travelers may be made ineligible for future travel under ESTA or any other penalty as deemed adequate by the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) officials.
3. Visitors should be able to support themselves financially while in the United States- so proof of funds, credit cards etc would help if questioned.
4. Be Truthful: When it comes to any form of visa application, honesty is the best policy. Any false declarations or misleading information in your application can have serious implications. If you've traveled to countries like Syria, Iran, Yemen or if you have a criminal history or any past history of visa denial or any such information asked explicitly during the application process, be truthful and explain your story.

ESTA Application via specializes in wide range of visa processing services, including ESTA for the United States. Based in London, there're several advantages of submitting your application through
1. Urgent delivery option- this gets you a priority service for a nominal fee- your application is usually processed in under one hour (note that US CIS may use its discretion to take more time if felt necessary, even for urgent requests, but past results tell us such cases are very few)
2. An interactive website- that explains each step of the application process and each field in additional details. This will help you understand the question being asked and provide correct information, reducing any chance of rejection due to incorrect information
3. Status tracking- track your application progress
4. Support- Support available via email, phone or social media if you have any queries.
5. Multi country tour simplified- with also assisting in visa for processing for several other countries such as Canada, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Srilanka, your world tour is now more simplified.
So what are you waiting for? Plan your next holiday to USA and get started here with your ESTA Application. Happy Journey.

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