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Book Review-Gratitude by Rajesh Setty

"Gratitude- Grow & change your world one thank you at a time" is a simple but yet very effective book written by Rajesh Setty.

How often do you thank people who have helped you? Do you have a habit of taking people for granted? We often forget to thank- or keep it for later and eventually forget or at times assume it is the duty of the other person to do what he/she did and there's no need to thank them for that.
Rajesh Setty's book helps us understand the importance of showing gratitude. In his own words, the book was written with a purpose of creating a ripple-

  • To reflect on our past if we've taken people for granted
  • To Respond by taking small actions like saying thank you to those who helped us but we didn't thank
  • To release those people from our minds- those who took help but didn't thank us
  • To reward ourselves with extra time- time often wasted on extra baggage we were carrying
  • To rejoice because now we no longer have any guilt burdening us
  • To reframe the concept of gratitude so that we can apply it more effectively in future.
Another aspect of the book is that it reminds us to be thankful to things we have and take for granted- most of us don't have to worry about a roof over our head, food for the day, all other basic necessities of life, we have a job, a car and can afford various luxuries-all these were possible because lots of people helped us in our life to reach this stage- our school teachers, family n friends, colleagues the list might go on, but we wouldn't have spared a moment to think of their contribution or to thank them. We need to count our blessings.

In the book Gratitude, Rajesh Setty recommends various exercises we could adapt to identify to whom we owe gratitude- the forgotten list, being too busy to thank, the price of not thanking enough, monthly analysis of thanks given and received and so on- practical, easy to follow but very effective activities to fix our gratitude process. If you have the time to celebrate the gift you received, you should have time to thank those who helped you/gifted you- No exceptions.

It is never too late to thank someone. Why not start it now?

Book also talks about having a real golden network (surrounding yourself with people who matter that helps you become better person, ways to thank people in a way it is helpful/useful for them- such as saves them money or time etc.

Gratitude book hard copy also includes 10 Thank You cards, worth total of 25.5 USD that you can use to thank those who helped you. Do check for more cards.

Rajesh Setty's Gratitude is available on (US website) and not Author Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and public speaker, based in San Jose, California. Check his website to know more

Key Details:
  • Title: Gratitude- Grow & change your world one thank you at a time
  • Author: Rajesh Setty
  • Genre: Self Help/Personality Development
  • Publisher: Durga Publisher, California
  • Pages: 77
  • ISBN: 978-0-9861326-0-5
  • MRP: USD 27
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