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4 hygienic and reasonably priced restaurants in Dhaka

During my visit to Dhaka, food was sort of a concern. While there're 100s of eateries on every street that you can eat, hygiene was a big concern. Most eateries are located by the filthy roadside, make their parotas with bare hands in open air fully exposed to rain, dust and exhaust from the street. Almost all of them were veg+ non veg, adding further complexity that there may not be any separation in terms of utensils used to cook veg vs non-veg etc.

During my 3 day visit, I found a total of 4 restaurants in Dhaka which were hygienic and worth visiting. Of course there could be many more, just that these ones came across my path and I had my food there and found it worth. I didn't go out exploring town for restaurants and haven't reviewed every possible restaurant to decide these are the only 4 good ones- just that from among what I have come across, these 4 carry very high personal recommendation.

1. Shalimar Restaurant near Kamlapur Railway station
This restaurant makes parotas in a closed chamber and fairly clean and hygienic environment. One Parota costs only 10 Takas so it is reasonably priced as well. If you are arriving into city by train or going somewhere by train, you can plan to stop by here and have some food.
2. Bird's Eye Rooftop Restaurant, Motijheel Area
Accidentally spotted it while walking towards my hotel. Bird's Eye Rooftop restaurant is on the 9th floor of Baitul View Tower. They have a good restroom near the entrance, a fairly good spread of buffet lunch/dinner costing around 800 Takas (699+ 10% tax etc) or ala carte option.

A bowl of rice costs 170 Taka, most main items cost in the range of 400-500 takas, so a proper meal will set you back by about 1000 Takas per person. But the view is nice, food is good and if you can afford it, totally worth it.
 Below: View of Dhaka from Bird's View restaurant
3. Popeye near Lalbagh Fort
Popeye's is a nice little coffee shop in front of Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka. I think they have few more branches. They offer Pizza and many more quick bites and a range of juices and drinks. A good rest room is available and price is reasonable- around 300-400 Taka for a pizza, 80-100 taka for a juice etc.

There are few more pubs and restaurants with creative front doors in the locality- but I didn't go inside to explore. You can check.

4. Spice Restaurant-Dhaka Airport
Spice Restaurant, inside Dhaka International Airport's Departure area was more affordable than I thought. A bowl of rice is 125 taka after tax (25% tax), most main items are in 300-400 taka range. Possible to have a good meal in about 500 taka budget before boarding your flight- much better than paying same amount for a piece of bread on board the flight

Dhaka airport has many shops selling veg roll for 40-50 takas. There are few Indian restaurants- saw from the bus while going to city from airport- but couldn't get down and go in. There's no food delivery app service in Dhaka as far as I know- didn't see any Grab vehicles on the road either. So you've to either depend on hotel room service or go out in search of food. Hopefully above list helps. If you are aware of more places do comment below.

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