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Belur Math, Kolkata- HQ of Ramakrishna mission

Finally visited Belur Math in Kolkata last month. Belur Math is the global Head Quarters of Ramakrishna Mission. Ramakrishna mission undertakes several educational and humanitarian initiatives around the world. They played a key role in 1943 Bengal Famine. This post shares my visit details.

During my 2014 visit I couldn't visit Belur Math. Finally the visit happened last month. Belur Math is headquarters of Ramakrishna mission. It is located north of Howrah on the banks of Hoogley river.

Reaching Belur Math:
There're AC buses heading towards Belur Math. Depending on your starting point the plan varies. I took local train from Sealdah to Bally Ghat. From here you can take an auto or electric rickshaw (Toto) to Belur Math. Google maps was suggesting me to get down at Baranagar station and take AC50 but I couldn't get an AC50 there even after waiting for 20 odd minutes. So had to take a share auto. You may be able to reach via boat on the river way as well.

Once inside, I visited the Ramakrishna museum- entry fee Rs 5, no photography allowed- has exhibits related to Ramakrishna, Vivekananda etc.

Next stop was Nat Mandir where Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's statue is worshiped. There're a few smaller temples in the campus as well, dedicated to Sharada Devi, Vivekananda etc

Things to plan while visiting Belur Math:
  • Time to spend- about 30 mins/1 hour, more if you wish to sit and meditate longer
  • Parking- Not available- private vehicles won't be allowed inside- you'll have to find some parking somewhere else- better to take a cab
  • Entry fee: None, free to enter main campus, temple etc. 5 Rs entry fee applies to the museum, use of rest room is also charged.
  • What to do: Visit museum, main temple, enjoy view of the river, visit secondary temples
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