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Tattva Eat & live Ayurveda recipe and tips book review

Tattva is the latest book in the market that can help you live healthier and longer. The book is authored by Dr. Shaily Agarwal and her teacher Dr M B Kavita. I got to attend their book launch event in Chennai last month and got to interact with the author. This post offers quick review of what to expect from the book "Tattva"
What's inside Tattva?
Narration follows a unique style of explaining a concept or concern and then detailing recipe of food items that are relevant to this concept/concern along with additional tips. In essence you can expect the following from the book.
  1. Ayurveda fundamentals- impact of processed food, immunity and its enhancement, right way of eating food
  2. Explanation of common health disorders
  3. Ayurveda healthy food recipes, along with suitable lifestyle changes that can enhance the benefits.
  4. Tips for Healthy living
You will gain good understanding of various terms and concepts  such  as Ritucharya, Ahara, Vihara, Aushada and Rasayana, Prakriti and so on.

The book, Tattva will be of immense use to everyone who prefers to live the right way, eat healthy and aim to avoid getting any disorder or diseases than lead a sedentary lifestyle, invite lots of health issues and then scramble to fix them using English medicines and expensive treatments.

Other key details:
  • No of pages: 79
  • Hard cover
  • MRP: Rs 399
  • Publishers: BlueRose 
  • ISBN13: 978-93-5347-405-8
Tattva is available on Amazon and in Kindle version also

Author Shaily Agarwal is an emerging doctor, consultant and therapist. Best wishes to her book.

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