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Clifton Suspension Bridge and Observatory, Bristol UK

Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of most photogenic and historic landmarks of Bristol city in UK. When I visited Bristol I spent some time around this bridge, walking across and visiting the Clifton Observatory and visitor centre. This post brings you those details and photos.

The Clifton Bridge, Bristol

Above: The majestic view of Clifton bridge across the Avon Gorge. Not the sharpest photo due to clouds but don't you agree the view is breathtaking? I got some sunshine later after I crossed the bridge.
Below: Closer view of strong suspension cables

Above: View of the bridge, cliff and the road below
Below: Avon river views from the Clifton Bridge

Clifton Observatory
Clifton Observatory is a small observatory on an elevated ground near Clifton bridge. It has a cafe as well. Campus and open areas are free to visit. Observatory is ticketed. You will get amazing view of the Clifton bridge and river below from observatory grounds.
The Clifton Visitor centre
When I stepped into Clifton Visitor centre, staff there assumed I am there for toilet and told me where the toilet was. I spent some time checking various exhibits at the visitor centre. They explained the build and significance of the Clifton suspension bridge.

Some quick notes and facts for your information below, about Clifton Suspension Bridge.
Suspension bridges were relatively new concept in early 19th century. Design for Clifton Bridge was submitted by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
Timeline: Clifton bridge was designed in the 1830s, almost 20 190 years ago and construction completed in 1864- 156 years ago. Almost 10000 vehicles pass through Clifton bridge at present, paying 1 GBP toll each way. Pedestrians and cyclists can cross for free.

Clifton Bridge is an iconic landmark of Bristol and UK. All significant events in the city will see some sort of touch point with the bridge. The last Concorde flight was flown over the bridge, Olympic torch bearers run across the bridge, no marathon in city is complete without running across the bridge and so on.

It is possible to walk to Clifton Bridge from Bristol city centre, but will be about 2 miles or 3kms+ from city centre. I walked all the way and back. Public rest rooms are available on both sides of the bridge. Wind could be strong at times, watch out. The river below is some 75 meters deep. So a look down is not for the faint hearted.

More about the bridge on Wikipedia

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