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World Travel in Low Budget-English now available

My second book is now available for purchase. This is the English version of Kannada book I had launched earlier this month.

Soon after launching Kannada book, there was intense demand for English version. Thus most of my November was spent in preparing this book. As I had most of the content and information in Kannada translating it to English was easier.

Why buy my book?
My book is designed to help you plan your own international trips without mistakes and in low budget. All aspects of the travel- visa, cheap flight tickets, stay, food, sightseeing, safety aspects are covered in detail. You won't have to take overpriced commercial packages  and can start planning your trips on your own. Money spent on purchasing my book will be recovered in your very next trip, if you follow various tips given in the book.
There are many travel related books- most of them are focused on promoting a destination or sharing author's travel experience. Hardly any book exists helping people understand various intricacies of international travel and help them plan a trip completely on this own. My book aims to bridge this gap.

Where to buy?
You can buy on Amazon or NotionPress . Book is priced at INR 220 + shipping charges up to Rs 50 (shipping charge varies depending on multiple factors- Amazon prime members may qualify for free delivery or delivery might be free on orders above certain amount. Flipkart delivery charge depends on pin code.

To whom this book will be useful?
Anyone who is planning to travel abroad in budget, particularly those looking to save as much as possible.

Thanks to Anuradha Goyal of Inditales for providing foreward to the book.
This book is again prepared and published under Notion Press's Xpress Publishing platform. All aspects are prepared on my own without professional help. Cover photo is my own, couldn't do extensive designs. Some formating limitations exist.

Looking forward to your support and encouragement for the new book. Please buy, give me your feedback, write reviews and help spread the word. Thanks in advance.

Update: The book has reached #1 on Amazon India sales under Travel & Holiday Guides Category (Ranking is temporary and may change over time)

I have made a dedicated page to record updates on my book. Will link latest sales updates, reviews and other relevant information from time to time in this page


  1. Congratulations. Ordered your book from Amazon. Best wishes.

  2. Wow! That's great! Would love to read it.

  3. Perfect time to gift myself. So proud to know you and I bet this is a treasure trove of your experience. Way to go Shrini!


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