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Bali Rice Terrace and Swings-Fun with Friends

I had visited two major rice terraces in Bali earlier- Jatiluwih and Tegalalang. While Jatiluwih is a large open terrace best explored with a two wheeler, Tegalalang is a bit smaller but closer to Ubud city and hence more popular with tourists.

On my 3rd visit to Bali, I got to visit another rice terrace and this time with a difference-we saw and experienced swings. Our visit this time was again to Tegalalang area but the spot was different from where I had visited in 2016. We entered a spot Pakudui and spent some time around the rice terraces.

This spot had less steps compared to Tegalalang but was fine with me as it was a different spot than I had been to previously.

Like most of the popular rice terraces in Bali, you will come across villagers insisting on donation every few hundred meters. Be prepared to walk back if you're not comfortable donating again and again or feel harassed.

Swinging over the rice terrace is the new thing I tried this time in Bali. There are multiple swings operators in Bali's rice terraces. After spending some time in the rice terraces we drove a few kms down towards Terrace River Pool Swing, one of the popular Swing operators.

We had good time enjoying the swing. They had a solo and double one. On the double swing Antarik Anwesan was my partner. Watch this 2 min video of Bali Rice Terrace Swings. Or watch on Youtube

Cost of Bali Rice Terrace Swings
Rice terrace swings Costs 200000 IDR (INR 1000 or USD 15) for single person, 300000 IDR (INR 1500/USD 20) for couple. Each ride lasts a minute or two some 5-10 swings across. There're additional options to rent fancy dresses - like long skirts etc
In one of the swings people were given an option to sit in opposite direction and swing a few more times. The one we tried was one direction facing only, as the seats had a backrest kind of design which can't be facilitated for reverse direction. But the one we tried was extra safe with lots of harness and fail safe measures. 

Skybike and Ziplines are other activities you can try

E-bike tours: There're some tour operators who will take you around on an e-bike and show the town- costs IDR 300000 onwards (INR 1500/USD 22)

 You can sit by the rice terraces, enjoy your drink and watch people having fun, swinging across.

Luwak coffee and tea tasting is another experience tourists try here. These coffee beans are special because they are eaten by special breed of cats (Asian Palm Civet) and eventually extracted from their poop.

Lots of photo opportunities are positioned all over. Two my photos below- clicked by Ami Bhat and Swati Jain.
 Try this vintage car tour if your budget and interest permits.
Snacks and drinks can be purchased

Overall it was fun few hours spent at the rice terrace and swings of Tegalalang, Bali. Definitely a must do when in Ubud area.

Other things to try in Ubud: Monkey Temple * Bali's longest ATV Ride


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