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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud, Bali

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, known more popularly as Monkey temple or monkey sanctuary, is often listed as one of the top 10 attractions in Bali. This place in Ubud is an open forest where hundreds of monkeys live. Tourists flock here in large numbers to get a closer experience with Monkeys. For most Indians monkeys are common sighting and may not generate excessive interest, but for visitors from various parts of the world where monkeys are not common, this place is very attractive.

Monkeys here are used to people and haven’t seen any monkey attacking or snatching stuff from visitors. But visitors are advised to be careful- keep important stuff like wallet, mobile etc well-guarded. Few monkeys enjoy jumping on people- few take it sportingly while others completely panic. This couple had good time with a monkey sitting on the guy’s shoulder for full few minutes and cleaning his hair. I showed them these photos and asked if they are interested in receiving a copy by email or if they have any objections- they said it is fine and said they have some photos clicked on their GoPro, so don’t need mine.

When I entered it was about 4.30 PM, just about an hour left for closing time. The campus is medium sized, with lots of trees, a stream of water, few temple structures, an amphitheater and so on. I was hoping to find different varieties of monkeys, but all monkeys here seem to be of same breed.

I wouldn’t say leave everything and go here, particularly if you have seen enough monkeys in your life. Worth a stroll if you have some spare time. Good spot for some photography, as monkeys can be great subjects to experiment your lens on. I managed a few photos as below, during my quick visit. I didn't regret an hour or so I spent here.

Do take enough precautions- it might be tempting to pet baby monkeys, but over protective mother monkey may attack you if you try touching the monkeys. Do follow the safety instructions displayed.

Key Details:
  • Entry fee is 40000 IDR (INR 240 or USD 4)
  • Parking was free
  • Opening hours: 8.30 AM till 6 PM (last ticket sale at 5.30 PM)
  • Toilet facilities available

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  1. Must be funny to see park full of monkeys. But I dont remember seeing/hearing about this when I went to Bali .

  2. @Sapana- this is in Ubud area, central Bali. If you had a short vacation in South Bali may be you might not have had time to explore these


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