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Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud, Bali

Rice Terraces are one of the main attractions in Bali- hills cut into small steps and paddy grown in these steps. In India also the practice exists but in small remote areas and never promoted as tourist attraction. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is the 3rd rice terrace I visited in Bali. The other two were Jatiluwih and another small one. There are many such rice terrace areas all over northern Bali.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is smaller in area than Jatiluwih but is more popular with tourists as it is closer to Ubud town.(About 30 min drive) Because the road is at an elevation and offers great view, it is easier to explore too. Interested tourists can get down on to the rice fields and get closer experience. Take a look at some photos first.

You will find many women like below- they will let you hold this and pose, or pose for your photo or sell you hats made from coconut leaves. But all for money. 5000 Rupiah is the minimum ask, you are free to bargain.

Beware of Donation Counters: Another thing to be noted about Tegalalang Rice terrace are the multiple donation counters. It is all fine if donation is optional or if you are free to contribute any amount of your choice. Donations reportedly go to welfare of local people and in maintenance of the walking tracks. But guys manning these counters may not let you pass if you donate a smaller amount. 5000 IDR seems to be the minimum expectation. I am all fine with the idea of donation, but the concern is that there are too many of these counters at every few hundred meters. If you had donated a large sum in first donation counter, it doesn't count at the second counter. You will be forced to donate again or go back. No receipts issued for the donation. Someone who donated large sum at the first donation check-post will definitely get irritated when stopped again for money further down the line. Jatiluwih Rice terrace area on the other hand charges a fixed 40000 IDR entry fee for tourists, with receipt. No more restrictions/charges to be paid there after that.

The man in charge of a donation gate in Tegalalang Rice Terrace
View of the city from Rice Terrace
This mark indicated the trekking trail. I followed it and went all the way till spring water, which proved to be a dud (pictures below).  
 The road near Tegalalang Rice terrace, Bali 
Getting down to the rice terrace and climbing back up to the parking area will take good amount of stamina. Serves are great exercise too. 

I felt October was the perfect time, as paddy crop was at the right height. Parking by the road is free. Lots of shops selling souvenirs and food/drinks are active by the roadside.
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  1. Such beautiful pictures! And great info about the donations :D Loved the green cover!

  2. Oh I didn't know they take donations. But entry is free right in this one? They look very beautiful and green from up down..Thanks for all the information Shrinidhi :)

  3. Hmm donations every few steps don't sound good! But the terraces look lovely!

  4. lovely pictures of terrace farming! love the greenery around!

  5. What a beautiful place, very picturesque. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, beauties of the landscape captured so skilfully.

  7. Lovely photos ! Forcing about donations ?!!! :)

  8. @Ranjana- Yes, it is mandatory donation of min 5000 at each counter with no receipt...

    @DPD- Thanks

    @Ankit- Thanks

    @Arv: Thanks

    @Mridula- yes. If the counters are not manned then one is lucky.

    @Ankita- Entry is free, but after first 200 meter or so you will encounter first donation checkpost.. once you cross that there are more such checkposts to cross. If they are not manned you are lucky, else either need to donate again or decide not to go further. You can always view from the road for free

    @Divsi- Thanks

  9. I had been to Bali long time ago. The place is like heaven on earth. The pictures are awesome here.


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