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Macau night photos- city that doesn't sleep

Macau is a colourful city. I had seen several night photos of Macau and was keen to click a few of my own. I had planned 3 nights at Macau. On Day 1 evening we were very tired after having walked all the way up to China border gate and back. I could only manage a short walk till Fisherman's Warf to look out for Indian Restaurant. On Day 2 night is when I got down from Macau tower [Check this post for view from top of Macau tower] and did some photography on my way back to hotel. 3rd night was spent clicking photos of Venetian and Galaxy Macau. The fourth night was a bonus because of AirAsia flight cancellation, but it was too late in the night when we reached hotel, so couldn't do any photography. This photo shares some of the night photos I clicked of Macau town- most of these are from Day 2. Do not miss my posts on Venetian and Galaxy, which are not repeated here.

Most hotels and casinos have commissioned extensive lighting to attract customers towards their building from a distance. The Grand Lisboa is one of most illuminated buildings in Macau town. Below are some photos of Grand Lisboa and other adjacent buildings, from the road across Nam Van lake.

The bridges are a beauty on their own. There are dozens of them in Macu and each one has its own charm in the night. Few of my best picks below:

Above: Governor Nobre De Carvalho bridge or Macau-Taipa Bridge
Below- same bridge, same time, different camera settings

I've written dedicated posts about few of the casino resorts- Venetian, Galaxy Macau, Studio city etc. Check those respective posts for the night pictures.

Two photos of Fisherman's Wharf- entering which I felt as if I am exploring ruins of Roman empire!
Do you know that there is a piece of Paris in Macau? Below replica of Eiffel tower is erected in-front of the Persian Macao hotel. Below right is statue of Kum Iam statue in the night

Various hotels lit up in the night!
Macau offers numerous vantage points to try night photography. You can try from Macau tower, or Guia fortress or from the banks of various lakes or from the edge of various bridges.One more option would be to book a room in one of the hotels that offer sea view or lake view or city view and ask for a room in one of its top most floors.

Above is what I could manage during the 3 nights I had. Wish I had more nights there in Macau.
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  1. No doubt Macau looks beautiful in these pics especially the skyline. We have seen similar skyline extravaganza in Shanghai and Hong Kong. It's fine as long as they care for global warming.

  2. It is so amazing and beautiful...awesome clicks. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. The bridges are a beauty on their own. There are dozens of them in Macu and each one has its own charm in the night. Exactly . Every picture saying how much beautiful Macau is .


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