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Surfing action stills from Blue Point Beach, Bali

Blue Point Beach is one of the popular beaches in Bali. When we visited we saw many people practicing surfing here. This was the first time I watched so many surfers in action up close. So I got into action putting my 300mm into full use. (300 mm was not enough- below are cropped from a larger picture)
Surfers try to stay afloat the waves for as long as possible, trying to balance their body and the surfboard against the waves. Few would fall off within seconds, few managed to hold on for a minute or so but eventually the waves would win all the time. Below are some photographs I clicked that day at the Blue Point Beach, South Bali. Hope you like them.

There are many operators in Bali who can train you on surfing. I checked one such flyer- of Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta beach, the costs for a proper training would add up to about 5.7 million rupiah (About 35000 INR or 500 USD)- sum total for 4 levels. First two levels, which is just 3 sessions cost about 2 million IDR. For a moment I thought about checking it out- but then decided against it. May be for future.

Surfing is not that popular in India, but it is active. There are events like Surfing Festivals conducted. Refer this website
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