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Novotel Hyderabad Airport-Quick Review

Novotel Hyderabad Airport was where the Tata Hexa Media drive happened last week. As part of this event I got to spend a night here. For the benefit of others

The budget rooms where we stayed were pretty standard ones- nothing too exciting but served the purpose with comfort

Good things about Novotel Hyderabad Airport
  • Free shuttle from/to Airport every 20 mins
  • Hotel is large one with over 300 rooms. It can accommodate all passengers of an entire A380 on twin sharing should the flight get cancelled. (Hyd airport can handle A380, Emirates once diverted Shanghai-Dubai A380 to Hyderabad due to medical emergency- they managed to take off just in time, without having to move passengers to hotel)
  • Lots of open space around the hotel- great for events. Being away from city, land and space were not a constraint.
  • Spacious lobby and a flat bed area where people can relax or even take a small nap is good
  • Couple of Kiosks near the reception let you check your flight status or do web check in for most of the airlines
  • Live music

Not so good things about Novotel Hyderabad Airport:
  • WiFi gets disconnected as soon as you check out- we may check out early, or have to wait in lobby etc-they should keep some buffer time. When I checked at reception if I can have WiFi access for some more time, I was told that it is automated and he needs to contact the IT person to check if anything can be done.
  • The 75% opaque glass door on the bathroom is not really comfortable- when you are sharing room with strangers and are sensitive about your privacy
  • The whole idea of an airport hotel is that people can stay comfortably during their transit time- but the fixed check out timing isn't helping much. A 24 hour check out would have helped a lot. At present, if you need to stay from say 6 AM to 6 PM it costs 2 days rental.
  • Nothing else to see or do anywhere nearby. Hyderabad City is some 30 kms away- you will be fully dependent on the hotel for everything as there are no shops or anything for miles.
  • Buffet lunch was good but there were no juices in the menu- I was told Juice, if ordered will be charged extra
  • Many bathroom accessories are on demand- little inconvenient to suddenly realize that an item you thought will be there is missing and you now need to call housekeeping and wait for it.

Novotel Hyderabad per day rent will be around 7k INR, unless you spot a deal or offer. Novotel chain is run by Accor hotel group. Novotel Chennai OMR is getting ready and should be operational soon.

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  1. Nice and quick review. :)
    They did provide wifi after check-out when we requested at the Tata registration desk.

  2. Like you said, that 75% opaqueness was really awkward when we were sharing the room with complete strangers. Me and Priya had a good laugh over this.

  3. @Antarik- thanks

    Good to know- when I asked at 5.30 AM during checkout, I was told they need to check with IT person...

    @Soumya- :)

  4. thanks for sharing useful information.

  5. nice reviews , thanks for sharing useful information


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