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I AM BALI - Interactive Art Museum- Bali's latest attraction

I am Bali- Interactive art museum-new attraction in Bali

I accidentally spotted I AM BALI when I went to visit Bajra Sandhi Monument.

First thing that hit my mind- these guys have copied from I AMSTERDAM (see below)
Above photo sourced from Bhushavali's blog, with permission.

Then I took a closer look, I could see what they meant by ‘I’ ‘A’ and ‘M’- It stands for Interactive Art Museum. The words mentioned in multiple world languages, including Hindi. So far so good.

The hallway was absolutely tempting- see picture below, so I went inside.

I figured out that it is a 3D art museum, with creative paintings and illusions carefully crafted to trick your eyes. I have already seen a few of them- in Hua Hin's Venezia Mall, Thailand, at Alive Museum Suntec City , Singapore etc. Even Chennai has got one now (yet to check). I think every city is trying to get its own 3D trick eye museum as a tourist attraction. Selfie/photo crazy tourists can bring good revenues to such attractions.

As I walked in, time was about 7.20 PM. I asked for details- I am told that entry free for foreign tourists is IDR 120000 (approx. INR 650 or USD 10). I AM BALI closes at 8 PM and needs couple of hours for proper visit. As it was near closing time I decided not to buy a ticket and go inside.  I was told the place opened very recently- about 1.5 months ago.

I waited for sometime for English translation to come up, but it didn't.
  • Senin-Jumat: Monday to Friday : 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Sabtu-Minggu: Saturday & Sunday: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Hari Libur: On Holidays: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Asing= Foreigner: IDR 120000 (about 10 USD)
  • Lokal= Local residents: IDR 100000 (about 8 USD)
  • Pelajar= Student: IDR 50000, Children under 3 years free.
Note: Visitors should be wearing socks- as there are paintings on the floor, walking with footwear will damage them, hence socks are mandatory to go inside.

If you have not been to similar places, then I AM BALI is a good place to visit with family. I think it is a bit cheaper also. Visit to this place can be done along with Bajra Sandhi Monument visit.

The display at ticketing counter showed a few samples, to give visitors an idea of what to expect- one such screen grab below. Their official website has more samples.
Standby for more Bali posts...

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