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Photographer's delight: Taman Ujung Water Palace, Bali, Indonesia

Taman Ujung Water Palace was one of the destinations I had shortlisted before leaving for Bali- it was far away in northern Bali but was totally worth the trip. It is located in Karangasem regency. Taman Ujung was built by the former Raja of the area as a relaxation place. There's ocean few hundred meters away and Mount Agung on the other side.

Taman Ujung has an entry fee of IDR 35000 (Approx INR 200 or USD 3) plus IDR 2000 parking fee for bikes. A lady was selling coconut water in take away cups, with a bit of lemon and tulsi added- tasted good and (Cost:  Quoted: IDR 10000, negotiated: IDR 5000)

Above: View of water palace (Taman Ujung) from top
Below: As it appears as we enter the campus

Water palace seem to be built as a relaxing place or temporary residence. It is not a full scale residence. Once inside the campus, I took a walk around before going inside. Below are some pictures in various angles.
Reflections look nice- do you agree?

Climbing a few steps to an elevated area in the campus gives great views

As I came down, I could view the beautiful vistas of a small structure on the right- another restiving pavillion with water all around, connected by a walkway bridge.

The scenic walkway

Inside there are couple of rooms, with some carvings and paintings and photos (I think of Royal Family Members)
In Summary, Taman Ujung water palace is a total photographer's delight and totally worth going that far. Can be clubbed with your trip to other attractions in Northern Bali. Taman Ujung water palace is about 70 kms from South Bali and is about 8 kms from Tirtha Ganga. Unfortunately I didn't go Tirtha Ganga, due to my poor planning. Tried having a conversation with ticket counter staff to fine tune my itinerary but it was futile.
Toilet facilities are available, no restaurants. The popular virgin beach is also very close. Read my other Bali posts here.


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