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Save Money on these 5 Best Winter Travel Destinations

Come winters, the wanderlust inadvertently summons the traveller in you and urges you to embrace the nature’s beauty. Here are top 5 Best winter travel destinations that are sure to gratify your wanderlust:   

1. Manali and nearby
Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination to visit in summer. It is equally popular in winter too, where the probability of snowfall is very high. Manali can be reached via an overnight bus journey from New Delhi. A visit to Manali can be extended to cover other destinations in the region- Kulu, Rohtang, Chandratal Lake, Solang Valley and more. Once in Manali, plan a day for acclimatization (time needed for your body to get comfortable with relatively low oxygen level in the region). You can try trekking, biking, cycling, paragliding, mountaineering, rafting and many other adventure activities in and around Manali

2. Rajasthan
Rajasthan has several cities worth exploring, beginning with capital Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and many others. Because summer in Rajasthan can get unbearably hot, winter is the preferred time to visit Rajasthan. Plan at least one week to 10 days. You can rent a car and drive around or even use Rajasthan Parivahan public transport. You can experience forts, deserts, traditional folk dances and not to miss the local food. All over Rajasthan, you will find accommodation options suiting every budget- from budget hotels to ultra-luxury options or former palaces such as Suryagarh in Jaisalmer or Umaid Bhavan in Jodhpur.
Historic Kiradu temples in Barner Rajasthan
3. Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand, or UK for short, has lots of hills worth exploring during winter. Auli is a popular skiing destination. Both experts, as well as amateurs, flock here during winter to try their hands at the popular mountain sports. Coupled with spectacular views of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand should be on your list of winter destinations. Nainital and Binsar are the other two must explore destinations in the UK.

4. Kerala
Down south, God’s own country Kerala is an ideal choice for your winter vacation. Soon after the monsoon, the rivers in Kerala will be at their best, so a houseboat stay in Alleppey or Kumarakom will give you best of the memories. Kerala offers beaches, hill stations and everything in between. Athirapally falls, forests of Wayanad, wildlife at Periyar, fort at Bekal and Kochi are some of the many attractions why a large number of tourists head to Kerala every year. Add to this the cultural richness of the region and culinary specialities; you don’t want to miss Kerala.

5. North East- Assam, Sikkim and nearby
Most Indians seldom visit North Eastern states of Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, etc. It is a beautiful part of India to visit, more so in winter. Best of National Parks, lakes, waterfalls and forests are located in this region. A good number of flights are available to North East today and planning a quick holiday should never be a problem.

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  2. North East is the best place to go or kerala is also the good place


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