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Best Rice Terrace Experience-Jatiluwih Rice terrace Bali

Jatiluwih Rice terrace was the first rice terrace I explored in Bali and was the best one out of 3 terraces I explored during my visit.

When I started towards Jatiluwih, Google maps warned me that destination will close at 4 PM and I will be reaching there few minutes later. This sort of puzzled me- why would anyone close an open rice terrace- there should be few spots that I can view from the roadside- so I decided to ignore Google map warning and proceeded towards my destination.

On the way stopped at a tea shop, located at an elevation- here I got my first glimpse of the rice terraces.

Walkie talkie seems to be very common in Bali- almost every 3rd person had one... The roadside tea shop owner also had one

After the tea break I proceed further towards the point shown by Google maps. I reached a checkpost, where IDR 40000 was collected as entry fee. (INR 250 appox, US$ 4). I asked till what time it is open, I was told the place is open 24x7.

Stopped at an irrigation canal

Another shop on the way, by the paddy fields had a pathway into the fields and free access. I took a quick walk, clicked photo of this worker

Only later I entered an intersection where tourists were walking. Few were riding their scooters here, so encouraged by that, I also entered it on my Scoopy. There is a long walking trail that lasts several kms. It was so much fun exploring all of it on the scoopy, riding in the  middle of scenic paddy fields and mountains in the backdrop.

Above:  Jatiluwih Rice terrace walking map
Below: Near a temple deep inside Jatiluwih Rice terrace

At one point the road turned like this- like a forest. I wasn't sure if I should proceed or go back. After consulting with a local, I proceeded onwards and the track eventually brought me back to the main road.

A part of the area also has banana and other plantations
Below: There are many restaurants by the road side. You can relax there and enjoy the scenery if you do not want to walk/ride several kms inside the field

Mountains in the backdrop
Totally enjoyed my experience inside Jatiluwih rice terrace area. It is much larger, calmer and scenic than the Tegalalang Rice terrace.

Jatiluwih is 60 kms north of Bali Airport. If you are heading to Git Git waterfalls or Mount Batur, Jatiluwin is only a small deviation.


  1. The lush green fields are beautiful!

  2. Writing this from Denpasar Airport but I saw very little in Bali! I hav to come back again!

  3. Loved this place...the beauty of nature. shots are lovely.

  4. @Jyotirmoy: Thanks

    @Mridula- I am sure you will travel more to Indonesia

  5. Looks perfect for a Bollywoood song and dance shoot :)

  6. Yes it is. our producers should stop looking west and start shooting in Asia more

  7. All the pictures - the long path, the walkie-talkie, your Scoopy, the steps, irrigation canal, the temple, the rice fields, the farmer, the walking map, the mountain backdrop - all helped me see what you were talking about. Well-presented.
    So, what closed at 4pm? :)

    1. I am not sure. That is what Google maps suggested- maybe some temples or some main entrance that I didn't use


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