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An interaction with VLCC founder Mrs Vandana Luthra

I had an opportunity to interact with the founder of VLCC, Mrs Vandana Luthra, who was in Chennai recently. Mrs Luthra is a first generation entrepreneur who did her studies in Germany and launched VLCC. She has been running VLCC for more than three and a half decade now and we got some good insights into VLCC and the wellness industry as such. On being asked about her secret of success, Mrs Luthra said she was no MBA from top B school but she has been lucky, she has has spent 8 years as housewife, been good at managing people, relations and children and believed in the moto that if women is fit, family will be fit.

Decades ago people were not spending much on fitness, but now fitness and wellness industry is growing rapidly, with increased acceptance for these services, more money in the hands of consumers and an urge to look good, look fit. VLCC, founded in the 1980s, 1982 to be precise, in New Delhi. It began as a simple beauty parlour but now with more than 326 centres all over India (and many abroad), it has become a way of life. VLCC is fully ready for the demands of the current generation customers and the potential growth that awaits this industry. (Indian beauty and wellness market is estimated to be worth USD 13 billion)

I asked about the focus on men, as I felt VLCC is primarily for women. But I was told that on an average 40% of VLCC customers are men.

On being asked about VLCC’s Chennai connection (questions were asked by Ashish of Chennai Times), Mrs Luthra said she opened first South Indian VLCC centre in Chennai, at TTK Road 17 years ago and after that she felt very confident. After South India success, next stop was Dubai where market is very conservative and very challenging. Today VLCC operates 13 centres in gulf region. Because of this, Mr Luthra says Chennai launch was a turnaround point for her.

VLCC also maintains good relationship with medical community-about 40% VLCC business comes from referrals. VLCC started celebrating 26 November as Anti-Obesity day, creating awareness about the obesity and the need to maintain a healthy life.

I asked that is the impact of mobile apps, fitness bands and other technological advances- how safe it is to rely on internet information for fitness. To this we were told that while technology is integrated part of our lives, personal touch is always important. VLCC is apparently working on a fitness app that will have lots of features and services integrated into it, making life lot easier for VLCC customers.

I asked if there are any celebrity clients in VLCC- I was replied “many”, without taking any names. I also learnt that VLCC doesn't only run beauty/fitness centres- They do have a wide range of beauty and personal care products and run education services as well. Take a look at VLCC’s website for the range of products and services.

Mrs Luthra has won multiple awards, including Padma Sree (2013), Rajiv Gandhi award (2008), Enterprise Asia Woman Entrepreneur of the year (2010) and many more. She is repeatedly featured in Forbes and Fortune magazines, including in the list of Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in India, from 2011 to 2015.

Note; Photo provided by VLCC.


  1. We need more entrepreneurs like her....and 40 5 customers are men !!!!

  2. It is becoming big business for sure!

  3. @hema Jain - yes. She honestly admitted she was lucky to be successful

    @Prasad sir- yes, even I was expecting something like 80-20 split (like 20% men)

    @Mridula- True

  4. Indeed an inspiring woman. Well written ;)

  5. Interesting to know these details about the founder of this very famous chain of beauty cum fitness outlets.

  6. Such a nice person she is you mam

  7. @Thanish- Great

    @Vatsala- yes

    @Maitreni- Thanks


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