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Imaginary Travel Horoscope by Zodiac Signs

You might have read zodiac sign based future predictions published in various newspapers and magazines- if not seriously at least out of curiosity. These often contain generic blurbs of text which can’t be interpreted into anything meaningful and there is no way you can make any practical use of this great Intel. Should those who can see the future and advise us what to do or what not to do are supposed to give some more sensible insights? Below I have drafted an imaginary predictions related to your travel plans, depending on what zodiac sign belongs to you. For fun only. No offense is meant.

1 Aries: You have more rail travel coming up this month than air travel- be sure to select insurance while booking train tickets. High chances of RAC and Waiting list tickets getting confirmed but poor chances of being able to book a tatkal ticket successfully on IRCTC- take screenshot of transaction ID which you may need if money gets debited but no ticket is issued. A chain with lock purchase is highly recommended else you might alight a lot lighter at your destination. For higher probability of getting a handsome/cute guy/girl in adjacent seat, avoid booking tickets during rahu kala…

2 Taurus:  Some unexpected travel may materialize by end of this month. Apply anticipatory leave and keep yourself free. However, any discussion with your colleagues about your impending travel may drastically increase chances of emergency work piling up 2 days before your leave to begin, possibly resulting in you having to forget about the trip.

3 Gemini:  Keep close watch on airline sales- your dream destination may be 50% cheaper to reach if you can manage to book on a sale. However, a proper Puja at the hanuman temple nearby is strongly recommended as the tickets will be non-refundable. Be wary of friends and family who will ask you to book cheap tickets for them- they may not pay you in time and worse, will opt out of the trip last minute citing silly excuses.

4 Cancer:  If you have never gone out of the country, your first opportunity may open up this month. Keep the passport ready. If you have already been abroad you may get to fly again, with a possible upgrade to business class. Do go to airport with a big coat that you can hand over to the cabin crew for safe keeping as you enter business class-else your risk being downgraded to economy again. Over-enthusiasm or simple typo mistakes done while booking tickets can cost you dearly.

5 Leo: You will have lots of airline points expiring this month- figure out what to do with them. You will realize that you can’t go anywhere with those points unless you spend another several thousand over and above, but there is no rule that you should mandatorily disclose these things while making facebook post.

6 Virgo: You may have to apply visa for four different countries simultaneously this month, so expect lots of running around. Keep IT returns, photos of various size, shape and background and all other possibly required visa documents ready, to avoid last minute tussle. Make friends with your neighbourhood courier boy and take him to dinner, so that your chances of receiving the passport before entering airport will be lot higher.

7 Libra: Be kind to the PR folks who ask for free stuff with a promise of “long term association”, “great exposure on our channels”, “barter system” etc. One of them might just get you a free ticket! Keep an eye on the deliverable though, as some of them could be impossible to implement- like “live tweeting while diving to pool” or “live video of smooth landing to be posted before take-off”

8 Scorpio: If you are planning a road-trip, recommend overbooking by 200% (if you are going in a 5 seater car, invite at least 10 people to join) as there will be high rate of last minute drop off.  Also recommend communicating pickup time 2 hours before actuals to compensate for delays. Expect traffic cops with speed guns at 124th, 188th and 333rd km. If you have any plans of impressing someone with your driving skills, do it while within city limits, as probability of a break down could be very high further you go away from city.
9 Sagittarius: You will have lots of adventure this month- but most of them are going to be activities such as trying to get your post cancellation refund from hotel booking website, following up with airline customer care for reversal of amount charged to your card without ticket booking transaction going through and withdrawing enough cash required for your trip.

10 Capricorn: That bundles of forex notes that you are preserving, believing that rupee will get devalued further and you can anyway use these notes on a future trip, instead of converting back to INR now and then having to purchase forex again- go covert it now. Inspired by India, many countries around the world are mulling a similar move to demonetize their high value notes.

11 Aquarius: If you have been counting on that long pending onsite travel, be sure not to miss the team outing this month. Three of your colleagues might already be trying to grab the same opportunity. Help your boss with his Christmas holiday planning and you will have higher chances. Offer to take care of his/her dog while they are away and you will have near 100% of work travel. If you still don’t get it, don’t get upset, read this next year and be optimistic.

12 Pisces:  Stay away from salesmen who approach offering useless timeshare memberships or up to 90% off ad campaigns by travel portals. Read fine print carefully to avoid getting ripped off. Your friends may envy you with their travel photos on facebook but any impulsive travel related purchase will result in regrets later. Be sure to read reviews on before purchase decision.

If you’d like to read your future for next 12 months, don’t worry- it is only going to be a reshuffle and rewording of same content…


  1. I am a Scorpio and mine seems funny 😅, well we are planning for a family outing next month and I really hope nobody cancels.
    Well written post 👍

  2. For this Taurus no more leave applications :D

  3. @Mridula- Aap to bhemisaal ho! Best wishes

  4. So according to your prediction, as an Arien I should not get on a train next month. This was a fun read.


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