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A day out with Revv Cars Honda City!

Last month I had the opportunity to try out Revv Car’s Honda City. Revv is the new (about an year old in BLR) self-drive agency which is giving stiff competition to rivals Zoomcar and Myles. I have reviewed their Audi Q3 here and a review of their services here. Since I rented from them last, their fleet has expanded and also the pricing model has changed (now similar to Zoomcar’s). On one fine Saturday in October, I got on their Honda City and had a 360 km long road-trip with few relatives for company.

I asked the car to be delivered at Shanti Nagar bus stand, from where I was scheduled to get down from Chennai-BLR bus. Revv doesn’t have fixed locations- they will deliver to any location of your choice (as long as it is within city limits). I got down from the bus, had breakfast and waited for a short while and the driver arrived with the city. They drive it down from their garage in Marathahalli-driver never factors traffic and almost always reaches late, blaming traffic. A simple paperwork (marking existing damages if any, fuel level, odometer reading etc) and I was free to Revv away. The car had a fire extinguisher and aux-in cable which was very good thought.

I went to my relative’s place, picked them up and headed out. I had to figure out where to go. I have explored most of the places around Bengaluru, so going somewhere new is always a challenge. After consultation with friends, I decided to make a trip with a series of lesser known attractions located north of Bengaluru all the way till Andhra border (actually beyond) and back. My mission objectives were to experience Zoomcar City, enjoy driving, explore few lesser visited spots and be back by nightfall.

Destination 1: Freedom Park
We stopped at Freedom park as few of them hadn’t seen it yet. Freedom Park is the former Central Jail campus, now a national monument and tourist attraction. During the emergency period several prominent person were jailed here, including LK Advani. It is located right next to GAS college (Government Art and Science College!)

2: Hesaraghatta Grasslands: 
Hesaraghatta is a vast open area. This place is best visited very early in the morning to enjoy the early morning mist. Biker groups often ride here and do photo ops. We reached there by about 9.30 AM. A team was trying set up parasailing there. Hesaraghatta is a nice spot for quick picnic as well. Nrityagrama, a dance school is also located in Hesaraghatta, visitors are allowed in after 10 AM against a fee of Rs 50 per person. Read my detailed post on Nrityagrama from 2012 visit.

3. Madhure Lake and Dam:
After done with Hesaraghatta, my next destination was Dandiganahalli Dam. However, following Google map we reached a dead end.

With some local help we took a detour, spotted this dam against Madhure kere- I figured out that there is a motorable road, so drove on this. This formed my City City Dam Dam moment…

4 Dandiganahalli Dam
We proceeded towards Dandiganahalli dam- the last few kms were not that good. This dam had good number of visitors swimming and bathing.

5. Avala Betta
Avala Betta is the new weekend attraction for Bengaluru youth. Bored with Nandi hills, people are flocking here in large numbers. Read my separate post on Avala Betta.
6. Lepakshi
After Avalabetta we headed to Lepakshi, just across the AP border. This was my second visit to Lepakshi. Lepakshi is popular for the Nandi, hanging pillar and multiple intricate carvings and story told via Stones. Read my detailed post on Lepakshi here.

7. Thimenahalli Dam 
On the way back from Lepakshi, my plan was to visit Kaimara also, but it was getting late. Spotted a board that announced a dam, so took an impromptu detour.

Here is a map of how our day went. 
Overall, had good time with Revv car's Honda city. We were four pax in total and city was pretty comfortable both on highway and on the village roads. Had to stay within 125 kmph speed limit. Logged about 360 kms total and I had to refuel  Rs 1500 worth diesel to fill the tank. I returned the car next morning with heavy heart.

Above 2 images from Revv.

Check Revv Cars website to check and book

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