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The Petronas Twin tower experience-Kuala Lumpur

Your visit to Malaysia is officially incomplete unless you climb the Petronas twin towers- Petronas Twin tower is the tallest twin tower the world (other taller structures are single tower). The 88 floors tall twin tower is about 17 years old now (opened in 1999). During my first visit to Malaysia several years ago, I could not go to top, as there was no online system back then and once should try their luck standing in queue before the counter. Particularly on weekend, it was an impossible task, given that only a limited number are allowed in every day.

However, in 2016 I could finally fulfill this wish list item. I had half a day transit enroute to Bali so I could go to Kuala Lumpur town. I found that tickets to Petronas Twin towers can now be bought online (about 85 MYR or Rs 1500 approx) for a specific time slot. My flight was to arrive in KLIA2 at about 6 AM, so I bought a ticket for 9.15 AM slot to go to top of Petronas Twin towers. Had there been a major delay in my flight I would have had to bid goodbye for this ticket money, but thankfully the Air Asia flight was on time and I could reach KL Central by about 7.30 AM by taking KLIA Express. Took the monorail to Bukit Nanas station from where twin towers is walkable.  With still lots of time to spare, walked around the area for a while.

Ticket counter opens at about 9 AM. There was very little crowd this time- just about 10 people, when I entered the basement (concourse area) of the twin tower, where ticket counter and entry point exists. Probably because it was a weekday the crowd was less. Counters opened almost on time. I showed by online booking printout and I was allowed to bypass the queue and proceed to dedicated counter, where my ID proof was checked and I was issued a physical ticket to enter the twin towers. However first batch is at 9 AM while my ticket was for 9.15 AM, so I had to wait for sometime.

Visitors are allowed in a group of about 15 people each, with each group members given a badge of specific colour. We were first taken to 41st level, where a skybridge connects the two towers. Bridge at 41st level is for tourists while bridge one level above is meant for employees. We are told that the bridge has some gap left for free movements- just in case heavy winds try to dislodge it. Visitors are given about 10 minutes here to take some pictures. Below are my pictures- nothing unusual- you would have seen the same pictures from everyone who visited the twin towers.

Next we were taken to 83rd level on another lift. This level has a small area that gives a near 360 degree (I think approx. 300 degree) view of the surrounding.  We get about 15 minutes here.

View of Kuala Lumpur town from Petronas twin towers...

An interactive display here helps you view the twin tower in various angles by positioning the barcode in your ticket against the sensor and rotating.  Good time pass.

Then we were taken down to the basement where we started, forcing an exit through souvenir shop. Though I am glad I ticked off another wish list item, I had to spend lots of money just to reach here from airport, besides the entry ticket. A better option would be to visit it while you’re staying in KL, than make a short transit trip just for this.

Points to note:
Camera is allowed, but camera bag, selfie stick or any other bags are not allowed. Locker room can be utilized at no extra cost to store your stuff.

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  1. It looks so gorgeous from the top, reminds me of my experience atop eureka towers in Melbourne.

  2. Awesome shots, the views from the top are amazing all.

  3. Incredible captures! We don't have single building anywhere close to this.

  4. The Landmark destination of Malaysia ...

  5. Thanks Chandresh, Indrani and Jyotirmoy

    @Indrani- true..

  6. I agree on this "Your visit to Malaysia is officially incomplete unless you climb the Petronas twin towers". :) I could also visit it on my 3rd visit to KL.

    You were lucky! Now they allow to go to 83rd level also. I was content with 41st level. :(

    And I stood in the queue since 7 AM for counter to open. It was very crowded then. I have posted pics abt it also.

  7. @nisha- Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, it was not easy on my last visit, so had to abandon.


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