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Hulhumale, Maldives-The reclaimed land in Pictures!

Hulhumale is an island north of Maldives airport. It is a small island on its own, non existent 2 decades ago. Hulhumale is built on the land reclaimed from sea and was inaugurated in 2004. Hulhumale houses lots of residential and few commercial facilities. It has lots of greenary, open space and a lot more calm and peaceful than the main Male Island. There are several mid range hotels in Hulhumale, with price tag of about 100 USD per night. I spent a night here and this post shares various pictures I clicked while walking through the length and breadth of Hulhumale island (which is just a few kms by the way)

The Beaches of Hulhumale:
Absolutely no crowd. Very calm, beautiful and pristine.  With a barrier reef in place, water close to shore is calmer and shallower. Very good for recreational activities. However, at many areas the sea bed is full of sharp rock/stones, so it might hurt your foot. Watch out while entering the sea.

Above: A Banana Boat waiting for customers
Below: I enjoyed a self drive Jetski ride here
Above: A tourist enjoying a Jetski ride
Below: Crew pushing a Jetski back to base after a day's work

The streets of Hulhumale

Residential complex

Colourful scooters

 Found a few friendly pet cats
The fencing near airport
 Sea planes are common sighting here- view more pictures in this post
Construction work is in full swing- few years later this island may not be same as it is today- expect more crowd
 A fish vendor
 Hulhumale Central Park

In summary, Hulhumale is a better place to stay than Male Island- more greener, spacious and calmer. You can stay here and take a ferry to Male island.

Points to note: 
  • Airport shuttle bus is available, taxis are hard to find. 
  • Ferry to Male Island is the most economical and practical way out (About 7.5 MVR)
  • One Indian Restaurant is available (Bombay Durbar)
  • Few supermarkets and other shops exit, but no big restaurants or spas or other facilities yet.
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