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Novotel Lombok Resorts & Villas Luxury property- reviewed

We spent one night at the luxurious property of Accor Hotel Group in Lombok- Novotel Lombok Resorts & Villas. This post offers a detailed review of Novotel Lombok Resorts & Villas property, based on my first hand visit experience.

Room types at Novotel Lombok Resort and Villa
1. Superior Rooms and Deluxe rooms
Superior and Deluxe rooms are the standard rooms located in a two story building near the reception, bit far from ocean. Rent ranges from 1.14 million IDR to 3 million IDR+21% VAT

Superior rooms are the cheapest category, where we stayed. They are in the ground floor- Superior rooms come with an extra sit out area on the backside. Room is quite spacious and has all standard facilities expected in a luxury room.

Above: My room at Novotel Lombok
Below: Small sit out area

The deluxe rooms are on the first floor, but there's no balcony access. These rooms cost a bit more because they may be offering good view.

There is a large Family Superior and Family Deluxe Rooms that can accommodate 4 adults and 2 kids, costing around 3 million IDR (INR 16000/USD 200+)

2. Private Sasak Villa: 2.26 million IDR +21% VAT
I could not visit a Private Sasak Villa as the staff who showed me Garden pool villa and Private pool villa didn't show me what's unique about Private Sasak Villa. Not sure what's special about Private Sasak villa as even hotel website doesn't give a proper description, but assuming it is a luxury villa like the other two (Garden Pool Villa and Private Pool Villa) but without a pool.

3. Garden Pool Villa 2.54 million IDR +21% VAT
Garden Pool Villas come with a luxurious bedroom and spacious bathroom as show below. Plus a spacious portico/sit out area on the outside.

The door handle on the bathroom door of Garden Pool Villa at Novotel Lombok was tastefully crafted.

Garden Pool Villa guests also get a semi private pool which needs to be shared with 4-5 other garden pool villa guests. If you're booking 4-5 rooms in a group then it will be almost like private villa for you, if you can get all the rooms in same cluster of Garden Pool villas. Garden Pool is also bigger in size than the pool in Private Pool villa.

4. Private Pool Villa 3.24 million IDR +21% VAT
Private Pool Villa room interiors are exactly same as Garden Pool Villa Room, only difference being you get a pool outside all for yourself. No need to share it with anyone. For 4 million IDR (INR 21000/USD 300) a night, Private Pool Villa is the most luxurious stay option you can have at Novotel Lombok Resorts and Villas. Some private villas are very close to the beach.

Point to note:
  • Breakfast is not included unless explicitly stated- costs 125000 IDR extra. Might be cheaper to select Room rate option with breakfast included, than adding breakfast as add-on.
  • There're some add-ons you can buy- Like MyGlass add-on gets you unlimited soft drink/juice all through the day and unlimited alcohol between 6 to 8 PM. One tender coconut costs 30000 IDR + 21% tax
  • Accor hotel group loyalty members get 10% off. There could also be other offers from time to time.
  • Prices are indicative for reference only- may vary w.r.t time (Season) and how advance you book. Please check on Accor Hotels official website for latest rates and offers
  • Guests staying for 2 nights or more might get some extra offers like hair spa, yoga sessions, free airport transfer etc
  • Accor hotels offers best price guarantee- if you book on their website but later find their rooms cheaper elsewhere difference will be refunded- need to provide evidence and room terms should be same.
  • Children using existing bed (no extra bed) can stay complementary with adults (their breakfast could be chargeable though)
Novotel Lombok Campus
Egypt Village Theme- Novotel Lombok resort is designed in middle east/Egypt theme with lots of earthen and hay usage. Most villas are designed to look like huts from outside with all the luxury inside. Lots of artefacts strategically places all around to enhance the appeal. Novotel Lombok campus reminded me of Evolve Back Kabini campus which had a similar theme.

Several coconut trees which were originally present when the land was made into a resort are well maintained.

Beach area: Novotel Lombok Resort and Villa gets an amazing beach area. It is not private because Indonesian law doesn't allow private beaches, hence public are free to walk along the ocean. But given the distance from city, non resident guests are almost nil and beach is practically private, though I see many local hawkers sneak in and try sell their stuff to resort guests.

There's an infinity pool overlooking the ocean- the main pool of the campus. Garden Pool Villa and Private Pool villa guests get their own pools.

Second Pool

Other Facilities:
There's a movie screening area, Spa, shop, ATM, few swings near the beach and more. A gym, medical centre are also available.

Breakfast spread was standard. Fair bit of options for vegetarians.

Novotel resort conducts several activities throughout the day-yoga sessions, beach volleyball and so on. Most are chargeable. Bicycles are free to rent-you can go for a ride around.

I missed watching "Coconut Climbing Show". Scuba Froggy (name of Scuba diving operator, Thanks to Ami Bhat for clarity) has an office nearby for water adventures.

Saw this pair of cows in the morning along with its caretaker.

Staff are friendly. I returned from my cycling trip within 30 mins and staff noticed it and asked if there's any problem with the cycle (as I came back lot sooner than normal)- had to tell him I need to have breakfast and check out.

Responsible tourism initiatives of Novotel
Novotel Lombok Resorts and Villa has a series of green initiatives to reduce impact on environment.

1. RO Drinking water machines are kept everywhere so that guests can refill their water bottles. Bottled drinking water is kept in the room for those hypersensitive guests who don't believe in normal water, but will be charged IDR 30000 each (INR 150/USD 2). The glass refilled water bottles were kept inside the bathroom though, because of which few guests failed to spot it and end up opening the chargeable bottle.

2. Straws on demand
3. Free to use cycles for guests
4. There was also a display against child trafficking n such offenses
I am sure there could be more such initiatives. (Similar: Eco friendly steps at Evolve Back Kabini)

Lombok MotoGP track is coming up very close to Novotel Lombok. Saw few other resorts also under construction nearby.

Novotel Lombok has a "Breathtaking Breakfast on the hill" option- would have been nice to experience it.  You can try it during your visit.

Novotel Lombok is located in Kuta area of Lombok Island, towards South.
Lombok Airport- 20 kms
Merese Sunset hill- 5 kms
Kuta Mandalika- about a km

Few limitations:
Carry your own toothpaste. Accor group offers a sealed lid type toothpaste which is very difficult to open- can't open by squeezing- you will need some tool like knife or blade or a pin to open/pierce it. I don't know if there's some other trick to use these toothpaste. Even toothbrush felt not that great.
The packets of sugar, creamer etc are hard to differentiate as there's no name, marking and everything looks same- there's a subtle difference in colour but hard to know upfront. Below pic is from Mercure hotel, part of same group- Novotel ones were similar except coffee was Nescafe pouch.

Accor group also owns brands like Fairmont, Sofitel, Ibis, Mercure and so on. Accor Group's website is very good at handling reservations but to know more about each property, best to visit respective property's own websites

In summary, Novotel Lombok Resort & Villa is an ideal place to stay in luxury and comfort during your visit to Lombok Islands in Indonesia. Stay for 2 nights minimum, avail some extra benefits and enjoy the scenic Lombok and Gili islands.

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