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First week updates on my book

This post shares some key updates related to my first book which was released last week in Kannada language.

1. I am thankful to the overwhelming support for the book. 500+ friends have shown support in various forms ranging from a simple like to sharing the post, buying the book and so on.

2. Within few days Book was listed on Amazon and later on Flipkart as well.

3. Those who ordered last week (November 1 and 02) have already got their copy. I am traveling in Indonesia since November 2nd night so I am yet to see my own book in hard copy. I am now awaiting for feedback from readers who finished reading the book.
4. Sheshadri Nagaraj, who runs ExpertInvest investment consulting company in Bengaluru was the fourth person to order the book and first one to receive it (or share the photo with me). He has given 8/10 for the print quality of the book.

5. A few spelling mistakes have creeped in. Need to fix them asap. Advantage of self-publishing is that continuous improvement is possible as it is print on demand. If 1000s of copies are printed at once, any change will be impossible.

6. A total of 32 books have been sold in first one week. About 28 have been marked "confirmed" i.e. shipped while another 4 recently received ones are yet to be processed. Most sales have happened on NotionPress Store, few on Amazon, nothing on Flipkart so far.
7. First Amazon review and 5 star rating has come in- from Raviraj
Awaiting more reviews and feedbacks
8. There's been an overwhelming demand to launch this book in English- which was on my mind but will be pursued with high priority now. Hopefully should be able to launch the English version in a month's time.

9. Experience with NotionPress has been very smooth so far. I have written a detailed analysis here for you to understand different options in publishing the book.

10. Free shipping offer on NotionPress store ends today. If you've not ordered one yet, order your copy here now.

Book's ISBN has not been crawled/indexed by ISBN listing sites. I am told this will take some time.

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