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Lombok's hidden gem- Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

Benang Kelambu Waterfalls is a nice twin waterfalls we visited in central Lombok, Indonesia. There're several such beautiful waterfalls hidden in the forests around Mount Rinjani but let me walk you through one of them that we visited earlier this month.

The motorcycle ride to Benang Kelambu waterfalls
We were taken to the waterfalls area on Gojeks or motorcycles. The track is rough-off road and bumpy- probably some 2 kms or so. There were both male and female motorcycle pilots who would ferry tourists to waterfalls from parking lot. Ride lasted around 5 mins and fairly bumpy. Own vehicles are not allowed-hiring local gojek is must.

From the bike drop off points we had to hike a few hundred meters, climbing down some 200 odd steps to reach the foot of the waterfalls. We got a viewpoint enroute which offered following view.

While most waterfalls fall over black rocks, Benang Kelambu was interesting due to greenery all around. Nice layer of leaves have grown over the rocks so it is mesmerizing viewing water emerge from inside of green leaves.

Another waterfall adjacent to Benang Kelambu is called Benang Stokel
Above two photos show colour difference between DSLR on left (old Nikon D5100) and Redmi Note7Pro (right)- both unedited. Shows mobiles still have a long way to go.

Google map shows more waterfalls in the vicinity- like Batu Benciwe waterfalls- if you have time may be you can explore them as well. Indonesia Tourism's official website has a list of all major waterfalls in Lombok

Entry Fees and cost of visiting Benang Kelambu Waterfalls, Lombok: 
Entry Fee to visit Benang Kelambu waterfalls is IDR 25000 per person for foreign nationals. Plus you will have to spend on a motor cycle hire (IDR 50000 per person) who will take you till the waterfall from main entrance on their motorcycle or a local Guide- IDR 50000 per guide for max 7 tourists- to go by walking. You are not allowed to walk on your own or enter in your own vehicle- purely for economic reasons- to ensure local people get some money.

Thus you are looking at spending at least 75000 IDR person (one person) to 37000 IDR per person (if a group of 7) to visit Benang Kelambu waterfalls. That is around INR 200-400 or USD 3 to 6 depending on how many people n bike ride/walking.  Plus the cost of transport till waterfalls-

Above: Lady Gojek pilots of Benang Kelambu with women bloggers from India

Rest rooms, shops are available near the main entrance. More shops exist near the steps to waterfalls but they tend to close when tourist inflow is poor. These were closed during our visit.

A safe swimming pool is made near the falls with makeshift changing rooms.

How to Reach Benang Kelambu waterfalls in Lombok?
Benang Kelambu waterfalls is at the heart of Lombok Island, some 40 kms north of Lombok airport and in the foot of mount Rinjani.  No public transport is available in this region. You will need rental vehicle or taxi or avail any tour. Your hotel might be able to arrange a cab or you can book Grab or popular Blue Bird taxi etc. Go with proper preparation for return transport as options are limited (almost none) and mobile signal is very weak.

Many companies such as http://www.tour-lombok.com/  or https://adventure-lombok.com/ operate guided tours in Lombok- these could be easier to deal with than trying to manage on your own. You can select from one of their fixed itinerary tours or contact them for custom plans.

Above: Mesmerized bloggers trying to capture the first glimpse of Benang Kelambu waterfalls.

Our visit was arranged by Lombok Tourism but opinions and contents are my own. Watch this short video showcasing the bike ride till the waterfalls and the falls itself.

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