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Sunset Dinner at Sundays Beach Club, Ungasan Bali

Bali has lots of popular sunset spots. Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, Kuta beach and so on. While these are popular sunset spots, there're many off beat, exclusive areas that offer great sunset experience. We enjoyed one such nice sunset and dinner experience at Sundays Beach Club, at southern most tip of Bali. It is a private beach, accessible for a fee and offers a very unique experience.
To access Sundays beach club, you need to arrive at The Ungasan sleek clifftop retreat. From here, Sundays beach is accessible via a Funicular or a cable trolley mechanism. From the Ungasan resort you will get great view of the ocean as well.

Funicular: A small funicular takes guess up and down between the resort and beach. Funicular to be frank covers only about two third of the distance- you've to get down some 100 steps to reach the Funicular and another 200 steps to reach the beach once you get off the Funicular. But it is fun to ride up and down. Max 6 people per ride and is operated on demand by an operator. Resort guests get unlimited rides on the funicular, outsiders need to buy a day visit pass.

The main reason to visit Sundays Beach club- two mobile clicks below, of sunset at Sundays beach club, Bali

Beach: Beach is another attraction- fairly shallow, clean and good for a dip/swim. We enjoyed sunset, had our photo shoots, played in water, sat by the beach and then proceeded to have our dinner. We later saw a small sea snake!

Live grill- there were several live fires on which pineapples and such fruits were being grilled. Some people did eat them afterwards.

The Sundays Beach club offers a beach side restaurant and bar, which serves drinks as well as dinner. We had our dinner here.

We had a two course vegetarian meal involving unique Italian items. A tin can of soft drink (coke/sprite) is included (fruit juices, coconuts or alcohol cost extra) and a simple meal. I felt fruit juice or coconut could have been offered instead of soft drinks.

Below: Eggplant Milanese with potato puree (smash), charred broccoli and herb salad

Private hut (VIP Beach Bungalow):
There're a few (four) private huts, known as VIP Beach Bungalows by the beach- these are not for overnight stay but can be booked for day visit only. There're two slots- morning 9 AM till evening 6 PM and evening 7 PM till 10 PM.

Fee to book these huts is about 8 million IDR to 10 million IDR (weekday/weekend) per booking, irrespective of number of guests (max 8). That is INR 40000-50000 or 570-720 USD) You will get food coupons worth this entire amount, so you can spend it on drinks and snacks at the beach side bar. For this reason it is not called a fee- but rather "minimum spend guarantee". You will have a personal butler who will supply required food for you. A day bed, private bathroom and private beach access and some complementary drinks are included. If you've booked 9 AM to 6PM slot you need to vacate by 6 PM and can sit by the beach for rest of the evening.

Alternatively you can book a dinner slot at the VIP Beach Bungalow- 7PM to probably 10 PM- for some 4.4 million IDR (IDR 900000 per person +21% tax, minimum 4 pax- so that is at least 22000 INR or 300 USD+)

But sunset view may not be very clear from the balcony of the hut-view is probably blocked by the rock and you'll have to get to the beach for best view. Still nice private spot to relax.

Day visit guests:
If you are staying at the property, you get unlimited free access to the Sunday beach. However all drinks n food will be extra. If you're not staying at the property you can still visit the Sunday beach buying a day pass. Costs 4 to 4.5 lakh IDR-of which half the value will be in the form of food/drink coupons. (INR 2300/USD 30 onwards). Rates could vary for special occasions like New Year.

Where is this Sundays Beach Club in Bali?
It is at the southern most tip of Bali, on the Bukit peninsula- Refer map below. 10 kms from Uluwatu temple, 16 kms from Bali airport.
Their official website is If you're on tight budget this place is not for you, but if you have a special occasion to celebrate or need a unique place to relax and don't mind the spending, Sundays is a great place to be. Where everyday is a Sunday!

Disclaimer: Our visit to Bali and Sundays Beach Club was sponsored. But review is my own without any influence from the brand or organizers.

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