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Reasons Why You Should Visit London as A Chinese and Hong Kong Residents

There are so many iconic landmarks, buildings, and sites to see in London. Both old and new, the city is always evolving and has a lot of historic features. If you are a China or Hong Kong resident if you haven't been to London city, here are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting.
Hyde Park
It is probably the most famous and largest park in London. Hyde Park has significance because there are several protests and demonstrations, including Suffragettes protest.

Hyde Park's famous speaker's corner is still occupied by protests, debates, and performing artists every week. The park acts as a home to numerous memorial features together with two bodies of water, Serpentine being the famous. When you are here, you can paddle-boat, breath fresh air, see many swans. Therefore, for a China resident, this is a must-visit.

Visit Theatreland
If you are a China resident and you visit London, you must visit the theatreland, as well as Broadway in New York. These areas are considered as the place where you will see the best performers and shows. You can find a broad range of live performances. So, if you love movies, this is something that will enlighten you.

It is considered as the political hub of London. It is the home of the house of parliament and famous Big Ben. Big Ben is the name of the bell that is found inside the iconic clock tower, and it is still working.

You will also find Westminister Abbey here that is usually opened to the public most days. While you are visiting these landmarks, you can as well set your foot in parliament square, which has statues of different iconic political individuals.

London eye
It was opened to the public back in 2000 when it was first constructed; it was the giant Ferries wheel globally. Until 2013 after the opening of Shard, the London eye was the highest viewing point in London city. You can buy tickets to go up to the London eye from one of the little pods. You should plan to visit the London eye while visiting for the first time. Its view from the ground is spectacular and adds different dimensions to the skyline.
Visit attractions free
In London, there are so many attractions that you can visit for free. Some of the best museums, such as the British museum, science museum, national gallery, national history museum, can be visited without any charges. There is also Tate modern, where a lot of exhibits are available at no cost. 

Eel Pie island
If you are going from east to Weston the Thames, things begin to get quite exciting. Along Putney to Hampton courts stretch, an image of an island starts to pop up. Eel Pie Island is one of the largest, and it became famous back in 1960 for blues gigs and afterwards for its recording studio. Currently, this privately owned island is home to artists' studio and nature reserve. If you are a China resident and want to visit London, you should visit this island. 

Trafalgar Square
It is the square enclosing Nelson's column. The name indicates the fight of Trafalgar, which was a British marine victory against Napoleon. It is a vast public land you can visit and sit down. It is generally used for public events, sometimes protests are held here.

Go shopping
It does not matter your shopping style; you will get it all at various stores in London. Starting with the boutique nature of the West End to major stores on Oxford street London is full of shopping chances. There are also markets such as Portobello Road in Notting Hill, where you can get a taste of local and tradition London. 

After reading the article and keeping in mind the reasons why you should visit London as a China or Hong Kong resident. You now have a clear image of where you should and what to expect when you visit London.

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  1. To be combining China and Honkong in a single sentence is a very big to do since they are two different things altogether.

    Regardless of what people of china look at ,they cant change since rules in china are very strict given that its a communist regime unlike UK.

    Coming to Hongkong they have shown some great resilience eventhough China promised not to tamper with the ground scenario including rules when they took over.Again trying to compare present day Hongkong to democratic country is not an apple for apple comparison.

    Absolutely nothing is in their hands to change the status quo,although due credit to Hongkong given their past democratic background that they are trying their best. But fundamentally the political situation is vastly different to what is in the UK.

    Lastly not sure if you are aware ,the chinese are one of the most lucrative tourists in London and UK - .They are the one of the biggest spenders ,so much so that UK proesses tourist visas quickly given their spending capability and also local attractions have chinese bank card machines to make it easier for chinese tourist buyers.this has been ongoing for more than 10 years now.


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