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Best places to visit in Prague Czech Republic in 2 days

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If you have two days in Prague and are planning what all to explore, read through this post. A few days back, I had the opportunity to spend two days in Prague. Many travelers say that Prague is better and more impressive than the city of Paris. Maybe it is even true. Moreover, compared to the rest of Europe, the Czech Republic is also economical. But that does not mean its beauty and grandeur is any lesser than the others!

In addition to the below-mentioned places, you can also check out the free and quirky tours around the city - for e.g. Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour of Prague. Although the tours are free you almost always will give a tip out of pleasure! And you won't even know when your two days in Prague ended.

The Charles Bridge
To start off you can visit the very famous, picturesque and touristy - Charles Bridge. With 30 groups of statutes lined on either side, Charles bridge is the most visited and popular place in the Czech Republic. It is the oldest stone bridge in Europe. There are several myths and legends associated with the statues on the Charles Bridge. According to one legend, a particular statue - Statute of Saint John of Nepomuk - when rubbed is said to fulfill your wish within a year and a day!

Astronomical Tower and Old Town Square
Be on time to see the great astronomical clock in the old town square chiming. Or get a drink and grab a seat in the cafe opposite the clock. This astronomical clock has been chiming since the olden times. It is the oldest ticking clock in the entire of Europe. The clock is filled with mythical figures and has 13 apostles coming in every hour. It chimes loud and clear yet soft and smooth every hour of the day. Thousands of tourists stand over to hear it chime. Make your way here at least 10 minutes before to find a good spot.

Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral
Any visit to Prague is incomplete without visiting Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral. You can take a guided tour for better information. Whether or not to visit Prague Castle totally depends on your interest in European History and medieval castles. Make sure to book a skip the line ticket in advance if you plan on visiting. As I had already visited the castle of Cesky Krumlov (mentioned below) I skipped this one.

The Dancing House - Fred and Ginger
The Dancing House also called Fred and Ginger is one unique building in Prague. If you don't plan on going inside, you must take a quick stop in front of it to admire it. The building represents the famous and immortal dancers, Fred Astaire and Ginger. The stone tower is Fred and the glass tower is Ginger. There is a restaurant with a 360-degree view on the terrace.

Petrin Hill and Tower
Petrin Hill is a high viewing point from where you can see the entire Bohemia on a clear day. You can also see the castle and its courtyard from here. Atop the hill is a replica of the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It’s called the Petrin Tower. For reaching the top you have to climb 299 steps up the tower. I recommend you visit this place during the sunset. The entire area around has red-roofed and golden walled houses. Just imagine how they must gleam at the golden hour!

John Lennon Wall
John Lennon Wall is the most instagrammable place in Prague. For beautiful colourful pictures you have to visit here. This quick stop is worth the visit, whether you love graffiti walls, are a fan of the singer or just want some quick Instagram goodies. To reach here just go down the stairway on the left on Charles Bridge. Then follow the path to the right. Most of the people will be going in the same way. So you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

Cruise on the Vltava River
There is no other way to better see the city, than from the waters of Vltava River. You may take a guided cruise with a group of people from the piers near the Czech Bridge. In the guided cruise a guide will explain the remarkable monuments as you pass them. You sail through one or two bridges before sailing under the Charles Bridge. Alternatively, you can also rent a boat as per your preference. You can also get a dinner cruise to have a perfect end to a wonderful day.

Detsky Island
On the second day of your two days in Prague head over to watch the sunrise. I wanted to sit and watch the sunrise, with beautiful baroque buildings along the horizon and headed for Detsky Island. I enjoyed a peaceful time, during my visit to the island. It isn't crowded at all with hardly any people or open restaurants at the time of sunrise. The island is a very small one in Prague's river Vltava. On the island is a small kid’s garden too. In fact, Detsky Island literally means Children's island.

Cesky Krumlov Castle
If I were you I wouldn't miss the opportunity to travel back in time at this fairy tale city of Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov is in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. If you start from Prague it takes 3 hours to reach here. There are buses and trains from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. You may take a guided tour of the castle or explore it all by yourself. The castle is on the hills and the river Vltava snakes all around. There are numerous riverside cafes and restaurants that you may explore. Apart from the castle, its tower, their church you can also visit one of the many museums, to get a feel of life here in the olden days.

What are your preferred spots in Prague? Do share in the comments below.

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