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Very effective Holiday camp for kids at British Council Library, Chennai

If you are a parent based in Chennai, this post might interest you.
This year end, here is a good opportunity to get your child undergo an interesting and useful learning exercise.
British Council Chennai is into its 71st year now, known for its world class library, wide range of courses and programs related to English language, personality development and life skills. British Council is the authority on all matters related to English language and their programs are often sold out due to their popularity, credibility and high impact. British Council Library is offering a 4 day holiday camp in Chennai, targeted at children between 7 to 14 years to impart them with 21st century life skills. While most spend their year end holidaying around, it is a great idea to imbibe some very useful skills to your kids in this period.

Above: Bloggers and media being briefed by British Council Director for South India-Janaka Pushpanathan. We gave some feedbacks like online safety and other topics, which might be touched upon during the holiday camp or might be taken up for future programs.

Key details of British Council Library's Holiday Camp 2019:
  • Dates: December 27 to 30th, 2019
  • Venue: The British Council Library, Anna Salai
  • Details: 10 hour program spread across 4 days, approx 2.5 hours daily, multiple batches available
  • Course Contents/Coverage: Problem solving skills, collaboration skills, how to express self and be heard, creative thinking via interactive and fun activities
  • Fees: INR 5000 for non-members, INR 4250 for British Council members
  • Contact: British Council 737, Anna Salai, Chennai 02, Ph: 0120-6684343/4569000
  • Official website for more details:

The holiday camp 2019 initiative, happening in Chennai and also other cities across India. This is a 4 day/10 hour course designed for minimum time investment (2.5 hours per day) and maximum impact/take away. Program is well curated and delivered by experts to international standards. Key takeaways will be:
- Gain confidence to express oneself and be heard
- Learn creative thinking through fun activities and interactive sessions
- Improve critical thinking and program solving skills
- Learn how to collaborate with others

These skills are very helpful to kids as they grow in their student life and gives them an edge over other students. Anyone can score high marks but being able to deal effectively with other people and particularly in demanding situations is what makes a person successful. Such skills only come from global exposure.

Besides this, British Council members get access to lots of programs all through the year, not to mention their rich collection of books in British Council Library. Story telling sessions, cultural programs, education fairs, library visits for schools and various other programs are held throughout the year at British Council. Study UK Fairs are also very regular phenomenon to help students get good understanding of what it takes to get admitted into a university in UK.

 A walkthrough of British Council Library was given to bloggers. My key notes below
1. There are more than 3000 books in British Council Library in Chennai
2. Books not taken by any member for over long time are removed from Library and put on for sale
3. There is a section where books are classified by difficulty level- Easy, Medium, Complex etc. Depending on how serious you are about your English Language proficiency you can pick a book accordingly
4. Members get to keep a book for up to 6 weeks at a time
5. Lots of preparatory materials for IELTS
6. DVDs, audio books available

British Council Membership fee:
British Council Membership costs about INR 2200 per person per year. Family membership costs INR 4200. Renewals cost less, Institutional memberships, short term (2 month) memberships are available. Besides access to high quality books, membership will get you discounted rates for various events throughout your membership duration.

I asked if the library would accept my book on budget travel free of cost. I was told NO. More than 90% of the books in British Library are from British Authors. Only a small fraction is from other authors. I am sure they have a strong selection criteria to decide which books to keep in library.

Note: I was invited to British Council for a blogger meet during which I came to know about the holiday camp and other initiatives of British Council. Contents are my own. It was a nice experience exploring the British Library, knowing their programs and interacting with other blogger friends. Saturday morning well spent.

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