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7 Days USA Travel Guide for Indian Travelers

The western part of the globe casts a major influence on the rest of the world. The USA has always been a charm to travel for people. It is a 50 states country that welcomes people from across the planet. From beaches to mountains to roads that take you far, the USA is a must-visit place for those who love travelling.

Do Indians need a visa to travel to the USA?
Yes, Indians need a visa to travel to the USA. There is no visa on arrival for Indians who travel to the USA. Each need to apply well in advance for the visa. If you are looking for more details about US tourist visa, go through this visa guide about Tourist visa for USA from India.

Things to do in the USA - A 7 days Travel guide for Indians
Your dream journey is set to start and the butterflies in your stomach are rolling fast. But it is true that you are flying to states which is a dream to many. Here is what you can do there for 7 days.
Day 1: Los Angeles: Take a flight to LA, the state famous for its beaches and beauty. Relax and spend some time in Santa Monica. If you want to go around, then you need to pre-book tours for popular sights.
Day 2: Los Angeles and Lake Havasu: You are in California’s most glamorous city so be prepared to get a quick catch of some celebrities here. Go hiking among the boulders and Joshua trees. Later, bathe in the crystal clear waters of Colorado River at Lake Havasu.
Day 3: Lake Havasu/Grand Canyon: Set early in the morning to Lake Havasu and discover what is called the London Bridge here. Continue through the beautiful and vast landscapes straight to the Grand Canyon. Go hiking in this spectacular gorge and sit on the top to have a view. Be here till dinner and enjoy watching the most beautiful sight for the sunset.
Day 4: Grand Canyon to Las Vegas: Make a move to another most exciting city of the world, Las Vegas and visit Seligman (route 66) and Vegas Strip. Other must-see places in and around Las Vegas are High-roller, Hoover Dam, Stratosphere Tower, Gondola ride, Chapel of the flowers, and others.

Day 5: Sierra Nevadas: From Vegas push to a land of extremes in Death Valley National Park. Visit the park and grab your meals.
Day 6: Yosemite National Park: The way to Yosemite National Park is captivating if you go from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Be here for a day and enjoy because you are in America.
Day 7: San Francisco: Take a tour to Haight-Ashbury, Alcatraz (advance booking recommended), the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and other places in San Francisco.

Activities to do when in the USA
  • Grand Canyon Hiking: A trip to Grand Canyon is said to be incomplete without hiking. The Rim-to-Rim hike in the Grand Canyon is the longest hike which is 44 miles round trip.
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter ride: There are many options of a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon National Park. You need to pre-book your rides. The view will be exhilarating that appeals to your mind.
  • Enjoy theatre and shows in San Francisco: There are many theaters that keep organizing shows and movies. Pre-plan and book your tickets not to miss the fun.
  • Visit National Parks Yosemite and Death Valley: The two places are 5 hours and 3 minutes far apart. You can hire a car to visit the two parks. Though you can enjoy the sights between the two national parks also.
Is Travel Insurance mandatory in the USA?
No. Travel Insurance is not mandatory in the USA but is highly recommended. USA is an expensive country where the cost of medical facilities is high. A simple doctor visit and some medicines can set you back by hundreds of dollars. Without an insurance policy, you will have to shell out money from your pocket which will be many dollars that can shake your travel budget. Buying a Travel Insurance Plan will save this financial burden on you when you need some emergency medical assistance or lose your cash, luggage, passport, and other things.

Please pay attention to fine print of your insurance policy- many would require you only to visit a doctor/hospital listed by them, or take prior consent before visiting or such similar rules. Most travel insurance policies may not provide cashless facility- in such cases you have to spend upfront and then claim.

Things to carry when travelling to the USA
For a hassle-free trip to the USA, pack for you these essentials:
  • Passport.
  • Travel Insurance Policy.
  • Tickets and reservation copies for all hotels.
  • Camera and extra batteries.
  • Torch, Chargers, and cables for all the gadgets.
  • Cash and cards.
  • A map if you want to explore the place yourself.
  • Medicines which you take daily.


  1. Can you please elaborate how to move between places?

    1. I took budget flights from Southwest and other airlines for intercity travel
      Within city used public transport- buses, metro etc.
      At couple of places my friends/relatives drove me around.


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