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Don't miss: 2019 most popular posts

Here's a list of most viewed and most commented posts from 2019 out of some 216+ posts published so far in 2019 on

Most popular posts of 2019

#1 Risks of having only 1 bank account
Most viewed post this year and is rightly so- explains why it is risky to have only 1 bank account and link all apps to this account. Recommends having a second account with limited balance. How CRED App makes money?- this post also got lots of views

#2 India's top travel bloggers by traffic and India's senior most/long term travel bloggers.

#3 Two posts on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and how it tricks its users with forced installations, bloatwares, ads and other unethical means- got lots of views

#4 Dream trip to USA and how I managed it on budget

#5 2020 Long weekend calendar: Start planning now

#6 Boardroom Cafe, Mylapore: A unique concept

#7 Reasons for Tourist Visa rejection and mistakes to avoid

#8 How Kolkata's budget hotels game the system and cheat customers

#9 Bangladesh Tourist Visa from Chennai

#10 Brunei's Public transport systems

Most commented posts (Excluding those already listed above)
#1 My first Kannada book on budget travel

#2 When hostel in Costa Rica denied entry

#3 Earth will survive!

#4 Brunei in a day!

#5 Cherry Blossom in Washington DC

#6 Visiting Aksharadham temple, Delhi

#7 Temples of Bhubaneshwar old town

#8 Celebrating 10 million lifetime pageviews 

#9 Reasons to buy Instagram followers (Satire)

#10 Visiting Sundarbans using public transport

My personal favorites this year
#1 Tribute to Tata Nano & Memories of Indiblogger (both wrapped up this year)

#2 Google blogger CMS multiple issues

#3 My experience talking to bookstore owners

#4 India Self Drive car rental scene update 2019 & Comparison of subscription options

#5 Travel Guides: India to Japan * Bali guide * Myanmar * Phuket * Maldives * Brunei *

#6 Tips to manage veg food under 3 pounds in UK

#7 Maya Bajaari Kannada poem

#8 Long distance sleeper class journey- experience and tips

#9 Grouse Grind difficult hiking

#10 First 100 copies of my book sold-notes and observations

And of course, don't forget to check

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