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2020 BS6 Yamaha Fascino 125 FI scooter launched

Yamaha Motors India has launched its latest offering, the 125 CC Yamaha Fascino scooter in Chennai this morning. There're some important updates that has been announced along with this launch. This post shares all the key updates and information related to Yamaha's new product range.
Renewed Focus on 125 CC category.
Yamaha Fascino earlier had a 113 cc BS 4 Engine. Yamaha is doing away with this engine altogether and will focus on 125 cc category from now on. Both Fascino and Ray now get a new 125 cc FI engine that is 30% more powerful, accelerates better and gives 16% better fuel economy (only if stop & start is turned on, under test conditions), besides being BS 6 ready. This engine is common in Fascino and Ray and generates about 8.2 PS power.

Above: Fascino instrument cluster- nothing digital yet and also no smart connectivity like in TVS Ntorq. No LEDs either.

Fascino gets lots of cool features- 
1. Side Stand Engine Shut off: You can't start the bike if the side stand is deployed.
2. USB Charging in under the seat storage (21 litres space)
3. Smart Motor Generator- New Yamaha Engines do not need a separate electric starter motor.
4. Stop & Start System: Multiple sensors cut off the engine in case of prolonged stopping. Engines come to life automatically when throttle is twisted. This saves fuel economy
5. Wider, Longer Fascino- New 2020 125cc Fascino is a bit wider and longer than existing 113cc model. This means wider seat, wider leg room
6. Available in Delux and Standard variants, With or without disc brakes
7. Available in colours: Yellow Cocktail, Vivid Red,  Metallic Black, Matte Blue, Sauve Copper, Dark Matte Blue and Cyan Blue. Red and Yellow are only available in disc brake variant. Apart from Red & Yellow other colour vehicles get a black central part common.
8. Push button seat unlock, carrier hook, multi functional key console are nice.

Yamaha Fascino now competes with wide range of 125 cc scooters ranging from Suzuki Access 125, Honda Activa 6G, several TVS models and so on.

Below is the announced Yamaha Fascino 125 FI Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi
INR 68930
INR 66430
INR 69930
INR 67430
Add about 15-20% for on road price- that is essentially about 79k to 85k INR depending on city.

Fascino grabs attention due to its curvy looks, cool Italian style design and trendy view from any corner. Fascino is targeted at young audience between 18-40 years looking for a peppy vehicle for city rides. The new 2020 Yamaha Fascino 125 FI will be available in Yamaha dealerships from January 2020. A range of interesting accessories are also being made available.

Fascino was the main focus at the launch event. I have another post coming up covering other models from Yamaha Motors India 2020 line up.

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