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Yehliu Geopark, North Taiwan

Yehliu geopark is a scenic location in the northern side of Taiwan and is a popular day trip destination from Taipei. Yehliu geopark consists of several sea side rock formations with different shapes, with campus successfully converted into a popular tourist attraction.

Below is what to expect at Yehliu Geopark

About 2 kms of walking trail. The geopark has between 1.5-2 kms of walking trail amidst the rock and sand formations. The last bit involves uphill climb and offers great view of the locality. However most day tours do not give you enough time to trek the entire trail. You will get about an hour which is just enough to view some of the important spots, get some pictures clicked and walk back to the bus.

Queen's head: One of the rock formation has been hyped into Queen's head. Tourists queue up to get their pictures clicked next to the queen- total waste of your time. Better take a side photo from a distance without having to wait in the queue.

Above: Queen's head

Below: Mad rush to get a pic with queen's head at Yehliu Geopark, north Taiwan

Observation deck 01: The first observation deck gives good view of what to expect in the geopark and you can plan your time, where to spend more.

Strange  Rock formations: Watch closely and you can observe rock formations 

Fake Queen's necks: There are couple of rock formations that look similar to the main queen's face.

Saw several photographers focused on something. Tried to figure out what were they trying to click. Saw a bird ahead-check next photo.


During my visit I walked along the trail as far as I could first, got top view of the region, saw some photographers trying to click a bird, walked back. I would have loved to have another 30 minutes of time here to complete my trek.

Entry fee: 200 TWD is the entry fee for Yehliu Geopark, entry ticket is usually NOT included in day tours and you will be asked to buy or pay for it separately

Facilities available: Ample rest rooms, shops, market areas are available near Yehliu Geopark parking area. I took tender coconut water in a bottle for 50 TWD.

Take a photo of your tour bus and where it is parked. 100s of buses will pull into Yehliu Geopark parking area and you will find it tough to locate your price.

Reaching Yehliu Geooark: Yehliu Geopark is accessible using public transport- worth taking this option if you intend to spend lots of time. Day tours are more convenient though you get less time but can explore more spots in same day, instead of having to wait for next bus or train.

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